Friday, December 09, 2011

2011 Has Been A Great Year For Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center

This is the unofficial end of the year report for our readers.

We have moved our office operations into the building of our residency programs and that allowed us to become more cost effective and make better use of our residents through training and education.

We have a blog site that agreggates current deaf blogs :

We have a blog site that aggregates current deaf news :

We have a shock blog site that allows people to say as they see fit without facing judgment :

We have reached our goal of over 1,000 items listed on our ebay store :

We have lead thousands of parents of deaf newborns to positive solutions :

We are providing sign language lessons at one of our group homes :

We have a facebook page :

We have a twitter feed :!/ocdac

We have a strong social connection with the society :

Our strategic collaboration with has strengthened our online presence.

We have a website

Finally we have serviced over 2,000 clients this year.

The attendance at the oral deaf camp collaboration this year is at is record breaking high at 619 children.

Finally we have a beautiful three story office in Second Life.

We have many more things going on online that will be included in our official end of year report.

Richard Roehm
Chairman, OCDAC

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