Wednesday, November 16, 2011

VRS Companies Denied FCC Certification Can Continue Their Services....

Provided they establish a different funding source than from NECA. This could be from a private foundation or enact a per charge system or get corporate sponsorships.

But most likely what will take place is VRS companies providing services to the residents of another country for which some of the foreign governments have been under pressure to sponsor VRS services.

2. Say-Hey VRS
4. PowerVRS
5. S & L Deaf Communications
7. Malka VRS
8. IWRelay

If any of these VRS companies place the following statement on their website, I will tell you which countries are seeking VRS Services.

=========== Begin

This is a reminder that the internet based Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS), particularly the Video Relay Services (VRS), you all know at this point used an idea, a concept, a prototype known as "ocdacrelay" that was stolen from the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center's director Richard Roehm in 2003. You can learn more about this evidence in great detail at and before you decide to give your accolades to any member of the TRS industry, or their products, or their award contracts, you need to remember that the backbone of it was an idea that was stolen from a deaf person.

=========== End

Richard Roehm

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