Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Deaf Film "Lexie Cannes" rejected from DC ASL FILM FESTIVAL

Deaf Film "Lexie Cannes" Rejected from DC ASL FILM FESTIVAL
The award winning deaf-produced, deaf-directed, deaf-acted, and deaf financed feature film "Lexie Cannes" has been REJECTED by the upcoming 3rd DC ASL Film Festival!

Yup, you've read this right. A feature film with dialogue signed entirely in ASL, created by deaf people using private deaf financing with ZERO hearing involvement in any of the production decisions, has been turned down by the DCAD (District of Columbia Assoc. of the Deaf) Programming Administration.

The issue is reported to be the "R" rated contents of the film. However, the DC ASL Film Festival has programmed a “For Mature Audiences” block of other deaf films with "R" contents. This contradicts the rejection reasons given to the film's director.

While obviously any festival can choose to program whatever feel fit, however, from the DC ASL Film Festival's website it says:

". . . . the D.C. ASL Film Festival has been renamed to the D.C. Deaf Film Festival to accurately represent a rich mix of deaf-related films from around the world screened at the Festival. . . ."

Accurately represent rich mix of deaf films? You won't find it at the 3rd DC ASL Film Festival. In fact, its a slap in the face to independent deaf filmmakers (and deaf actors) who succeeded in making a deaf film outside of a film school or using by hearing-based financial funding.

We feel we have a GREAT film far more entertaining than most of the fare to be presented during the 3rd DC ASL Film Festival, not only has "Lexie Cannes" played at other festivals, it has won awards. In order to allow film fans to see our film, we are going to have our own film event to run concurrent to the DC ASL Film Fest -- its called the SLAM DC ASL-DEAF FILM EVENT! (Yes, its a takeoff of Slamdance, the challenge to the Sundance Film Festival.) It will occur in Washington DC near the location of the DC ASL Film Festival on March 26 and 27th, 2010. (For further details see the SLAM DC website below)

Tom Bertling, Director

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