Monday, March 08, 2010

Deaf campaigners stop trams in city centre

Deaf campaigners stop trams in city centre

DEAF campaigners staged a sit-down protest and stopped trams in Nottingham city centre.

Members of Nottingham's deaf community were drawing attention to proposed cuts in the city council's budget.

The council is today due to agree proposals which will reduce the authority's deaf team from 10 members of staff to three.

It is one of a number of controversial measures which will also see changes to day care for people with learning disabilities, the closure of a care home for people with learning disabilities and increase charges for the care of older people.

The city council have said it has been forced to reduce expenditure in some areas to pay for additional costs in children's services and some aspects of adult social care.

It claims it is offering some services in a different and more efficient way.

In all, the council is seeking to make savings of £18m.

Some of the additional costs it faces also include £5m set aside to pay for redundancy payments and £3m which must be put back into reserves which are at a low level.

The council expects 166 full time equivalent jobs to be lost as a result of the costs.

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