Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wait! Vlogs Aren’t Fully Accessible, Either!

Remember ASL use only comprises of only 2% of the 20-28 million member hearing impaired class. This comes from researchers in San Diego State University. There's many vlogs out there that aren't accessible to the oral deaf, late deafened, hard of hearing, and the hearing people.

The technology is there and very easy to use to make the vlogs accessible to people who have not made ASL their communication command. The 2 percent would be able to reach out to much of the 98% of the people in their class that don't sign if they decide to use captions.

What transpired in yesterday will be used as a classic example to show how the ASL deaf community reacts to making their messages accessible to people who don't understand ASL.

There are several textbook examples on that emphasizes hatred to people who don't understand or use ASL.

Gosh, nobody can think of a faster way to eliminate the use of ASL than the examples found in site.


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