Thursday, June 26, 2008

DBC Trying To Put A Pretty Face On Deaf Bullies?

What I see is DBC known as Deaf Bilingual Coalition doing so far is trying to paint a pretty face to an organized group of deaf bullies. They're working very hard by staging peaceful rallies at places like at A.G. Bell's state conferences and so forth showing off their pretty yet deceptive mask.

What I see them doing is like showing ASL (American Sign Language) to people like a pretty bouquet of flowers and asking the parents to let deaf babies smell it. And at the same time holding  baseball bats with the other hand behind their backs to beat down on deaf people who either made themselves independent from the deaf community, got the CI implant, dont use ASL 100%, or distanced themselves from the values cherished by deaf culturists.

And they don't have to be exactly baseball bats.  They can be blogs, video blogs, email groups, chatroom activities, rumormongering, and many different forms of harassment and scourge cast upon deaf and hard of hearing people.

What were seeing everywhere is the DBC's hand that is showing everyone the flowers. We need to get the word out and tell people what is in the other hand DBC is hiding behind their backs. Don't be mislead and don't be fooled by the pretty face and pretty flowers they're showing everyone these days.

We need to get the truth out and tell the public that DBC is of, by, and for the deaf bullies!

Richard Roehm