Friday, June 27, 2008

Skywalk Closure An Accessibility Issue?

Recent messages in the deaf blogsphere relating to the AG Bell and DBC's conferences has intensified by 20 fold!

Now The Hyatt hotel there has been convinced to close the skywalk that connects the Hyatt hotel to the Midwest Airlines Center where the AG Bell conference is held at and DBC has their conference at the Hyatt.

Among the comments published include a line that closing the skywalk is an accessibility infraction.

I don't see the walkway closure an accessibility issue at all and it shouldn't be an access issue since DBC don't include deafs with other disabilities.

I base this on the actions of the likes of DBC such as the former CSDR Superintendent Dr. Rachel Stone. She believed the safest haven for ASL is the purity of the students. She simply wanted to purge out programs that supported deaf people with other disabilities.

That alone probably cost Rachel her job. Good riddance!

We work with and even house deaf people with other disabilities and they are deserving the equal opportunities that's been met with contempt by Old Deaf Guards.


Another note : Rileys post "Gearing UP" shows a new light at DBC. It shows that the DBC has a soft underbelly waiting to be punched.

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