Sunday, December 16, 2007

Silencing Deficit Thinkers?

This is about deficit thinkers.

John Egbert's idea to banish deficit thinkers from deafread blog is the most childish the most sophomoric ideas we see that is consistent with the deaf community, the ASL deaf community.

Well deficit thinkers have the eyes on the future and their feet on the ground meaning they move on and know whats going on and how to respond properly.

Also deficit thinkers spice up and liven up the discussions, open discussions, should include that in deafread too.

Banishing deficit thinkers only shows that deaf community is not inclusive enough.

You really want to show that the ASL deaf community is banishing people out not being open minded people, you want that?

Wow I find that to be insulting to the idea of being open, inclusive, discussion.

John wants a sanitized presentation of the deaf community through deafread.

What's wrong with John? I think John needs to have his head examined to find the bugs in it.



  1. Don't worry about them.

    I am really cool with this, because we need BOTH deficient and enlightened thinkers. I feel bad for John because he barked up a wrong tree, so to speak...

    It is always good to look at both positive and negative sides of every subjects to have a good look at the bigger picture. As I said on DP's blog, positive can't live without negative; negative can't live without positive (kind of like Taoism.)

    I find it funny that my husband got judged too quickly after he first commented on DeafRead for the first time last week. It shows people don't know us very well, so let's leave it at that.

    Keep doing what you are doing... sharing your experiences with your agency, etc.

  2. You rejected ASL users. You discriminate against ASL users. You are one of the deficit thinkers!

  3. John might have few bugs inside his brain but you (Richard) got trillions bugs inside YOUR brain.

  4. Hi REDNECK!!
    DUH of course, You are DISCRIMINATE because you always against use ASL too much. what the hell wrong with you??? me me me DEAF!!!!!