Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

"Instead of whining and fighting for deaf access, we'll just provide deaf access"
2008 will be a banner year for Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center as the resistance to the evolution of the deaf society is being brought under control by the health care industry. 2008 will probably the first that we can enjoy a peaceful year as our abilities and resources to deal with the difficult parts of deaf society has been realized. We have 4 key goals to acomplish in 2008. The key goals all fit within our mission and vision statements. To meet the needs a rapidly evolving deaf deaf community, our leadership is being redefined and clarified as follows;
1) Leadership direction
a) Increasing the evaluations of irresponsible deaf leadership
b) Promoting responsible deaf leadership
c) Increasing resources for the Deaf WAI (War Against Indiscipline) program
2) Focus on deaf evolution
a) Expanding non-confrontational advocacy
b) Increasing the support of oral-deaf on staff and board census
c) Increasing the use of technology-based social service concept
d) Expanding our fiscal independence concept
e) Feasibility study of an on-site audiological/speech therapy services
3) Office resources
a) Expand to 9 rooms to meet the increased demands for services
4) Outreach
a) Participate in deaf events that promote responsible deaf leadeship
b) Focus on events that need exposure to hearing loss outreach
c) Develop outreach videos and use the video sharing websites
d) Simplify outreach materials for easier transporting, setup, takedown
e) Provide leadership in non-deaf causes (AIDS, Paganism, Medical Innovations, Environmental, etc...)
5) Social services
a) Development of web-based social service automation for global access
In the past 10 years and continuing beyond 2008, the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center will do what they do better than anything else in the world, ENTERTAIN YOU, with our special brand of deaf advocacy.

We wish everyone a safe, healthy, and productive 2008!