Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Say Goodbye To ASL And Say Hello To Your Sign Language!

This is a response to a recent silly post on alldeaf.com I feel is best responded using sign language.

I'm a proud deaf person. I'm happy with myself and I'm happy with the language I use to communicate with other deaf people. If deaf people scream that my sign language stinks. Let them rant. They mean nothing to me.

What is American Sign Language (ASL) these days? There's plenty of evidence in the news, deaf literacy, the deaf novels, the deaf blogworld, and the deaf vlogworld that ASL has proven itself to be many things, many abominable things, that has nothing to do with communication.

Why should we keep ASL? Whats the worth of keeping ASL these days? What do we do with ASL?

Say goodbye to ASL and use your own signs. The language you sign with is your sign language.

My sign language is a mix of different sign languages and I'm proud of it and I dont care if other people scream about it.Be proud of your sign language and use it to communicate with other people.

Dont be afraid if they dont understand your sign language as they probably will understand.

If he chooses his sign language I'll respect it. If she choose her sign language I'll respect it. If you choose your sign language I'll respect you too.

What makes deaf people happy is not ASL, it's your sign language. So say goodbye to ASL and say hello to your sign language. Quit ASL and use your sign language.

Finally, I can quit ASL but ASL will never make me quit.