Thursday, October 04, 2007

MSSD Finally Gets The Spotlight!

I’m very excited that this news is breaking out.

I see MSSD as a breeding ground of hate like a boot camp. Thats where future soldiers of American Sign Language (ASL) learn their tricks. Once they pass the ‘crucible’, through the Kappa Gamma fraternity, they learn how to export scourge and oppression upon deaf groups and people who do not use or embrace ASL.

Getting the spotlight on the recent MSSD incident is a very positive step toward eliminating this particular breeding ground that has farmed, sponsored, and encouraged hate toward people and groups who don't use or support ASL.

Richard Roehm


  1. Pls stop this hateful vlog or blogs toward deaf people !! there are worthless messages ! u need to analyze yourself more !!! I dont understand u since u have been using ASL in your Vlog yet u saying the hateful messages about ASL and deaf people ... U need to forgive those people makes u feel so small ...and moves on into the deafhood and being proud of a deaf person . ASL itself cant be hurt people .. It is people with their negative attitudes insulted deaf people in general is the main reason people get hurt from their insults ...

    Proud MSSD class of 82er
    Cheree Mull

  2. Richard,

    Please understand that what you are doing is only self-inflicting and very harmful to your health.

    You're allowing your hatred and resentment to grow to the point that you are writing hurtful messages, not necessarily towards others but of yourself.

    Forgive and Forgive.

    I hope you can find other things to report instead of ridiculous and insulting messages.

    Thank you,

  3. You are *NOT* trying to be a winner.

    You are trying to send the message to let us know that the MSSD is painting the bad picture so that way, students who are supporting ASL are *BAD* people!

    That is *NOT* the case.

    Get lost!

  4. Harmful to my health? Ha! There happens a thing called 'getting it out of your system', heard of that jefrey? Its something very healthy to do.

    And there's going to be more of this until someone cares to jumpstart the healing process.


  5. I'm curious, Richard.... what would a healing process look like for you? What is it exactly that you need from the deaf community?

    ~ LaRonda