Sunday, October 14, 2007

Possible source of the AIM message scams discovered!

I've found over the past few weeks that a popular deaf forum website has been harboring people who have been trying to extort money from deaf people who have AIM screen names.

Many of you have signed up at a popular deaf forum website and then been receiving suspicious messages through AIM from screennames you never seen before. Thats because you've left your AIM screenname and other personal information there for them to use.

Users there who register at this suspected website leave ther AIM screen, birthdate, and other personal information will get messages from AIM screennames purporting to be connected to the FBI. Stating they have their personal information. I find that it's only limited to their birthdate, AIM screenname, and other personal information typically left at the suspected forum website at registration, nothing more. They then try to extort people using a variety of scenarios.

I'm seeking the public assistance if they registered a membership to a deaf forum website and received suspicious messages through their AIM windows afterwards. I've been picking the pattern up in the past few weeks and need additional evidence from other users to back this theory up.

What I need from you is;

1) The name of the forum website you registered with
2) The screenname of the person trying to extort money from you

That's all, I need no additional information about you at this time. Anonymous postings welcome.

I only need just a few of these to start closing the book on this suspected website.