Sunday, October 14, 2007

Possible source of the AIM message scams discovered!

I've found over the past few weeks that a popular deaf forum website has been harboring people who have been trying to extort money from deaf people who have AIM screen names.

Many of you have signed up at a popular deaf forum website and then been receiving suspicious messages through AIM from screennames you never seen before. Thats because you've left your AIM screenname and other personal information there for them to use.

Users there who register at this suspected website leave ther AIM screen, birthdate, and other personal information will get messages from AIM screennames purporting to be connected to the FBI. Stating they have their personal information. I find that it's only limited to their birthdate, AIM screenname, and other personal information typically left at the suspected forum website at registration, nothing more. They then try to extort people using a variety of scenarios.

I'm seeking the public assistance if they registered a membership to a deaf forum website and received suspicious messages through their AIM windows afterwards. I've been picking the pattern up in the past few weeks and need additional evidence from other users to back this theory up.

What I need from you is;

1) The name of the forum website you registered with
2) The screenname of the person trying to extort money from you

That's all, I need no additional information about you at this time. Anonymous postings welcome.

I only need just a few of these to start closing the book on this suspected website.



  1. why dont you mention the site by name

    so I can just flat out avoid it ? i feel this is so vague and why should I post my info on what sites I visted ? I have so many sites, plain silly to give a list of forums that join (currently 12-18 sites)

    deaf forum sites that I am registed is about 5 now.. 2 of them are 'private' and I m not sure and doubt its them, but I would like more info from you which/who/what

  2. In order to be able to utilize public resources to deal with this problem, I cant clue people to what site that have this problem.

    If you signed onto several of the forums, list them out.

    I've received tips already and I just have a few more needed to go to the next step.


    jameskazoo9 : hello
    live_free_die_well2003 : hello
    live_free_die_well2003 : finally add you
    jameskazoo9 : i saw your mail
    live_free_die_well2003 : okay
    jameskazoo9 : congratulation
    jameskazoo9 : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    jameskazoo9 : wowoowwo
    live_free_die_well2003 : thanks still puzzled
    live_free_die_well2003 : new to me
    jameskazoo9 : how
    jameskazoo9 : you already won
    live_free_die_well2003 : okay
    live_free_die_well2003 : well I ll won when i get the money in my hand lol
    live_free_die_well2003 : ur name James?
    jameskazoo9 : yes
    jameskazoo9 : am the maneger on DAL
    live_free_die_well2003 : okay nice to meet u my name is William
    live_free_die_well2003 : William Rude
    jameskazoo9 : we have been helping the less prevelege since sep
    jameskazoo9 : nice to meet you too
    live_free_die_well2003 : alright so what we do now?
    jameskazoo9 : now that you won
    jameskazoo9 : you will pay little amout to claim your money to the accountnat she will be the one tpo pay all your money
    jameskazoo9 : ok
    live_free_die_well2003 : alright could they take out of that winner money?
    jameskazoo9 : you have to claim 1st
    jameskazoo9 : no body have rigth to touch your money
    jameskazoo9 : ok
    jameskazoo9 : do yoiu undy now
    live_free_die_well2003 : yea i understand that
    jameskazoo9 : the money is 1000$
    live_free_die_well2003 : well I dont have that kind of money...since I am not rich myself
    jameskazoo9 : how do you want to gte your money?
    live_free_die_well2003 : thats why I said take out of the 150,000.00 of my winner money and keep 1000 or whatever and send me the rest since I won??
    jameskazoo9 : u need to pay that upfront . bcos some people get the money and run away
    live_free_die_well2003 : well i never heard of lottery that winner have pay upfront
    live_free_die_well2003 : sound strange to me...
    live_free_die_well2003 : why would I give someone I dont know a 1000
    live_free_die_well2003 : which I dont have 1000 dollars...I wish I had 1000 dollars myself but its sad that I dont
    jameskazoo9 : they will show u on cam ur check
    jameskazoo9 : so that u can see that as prove '
    live_free_die_well2003 : I dont have cam
    live_free_die_well2003 : I only have video phone
    live_free_die_well2003 : thats all I have
    jameskazoo9 : ur check is $150,000 and the check is wth accountant
    jameskazoo9 : the accountant will show u ur check on cam
    live_free_die_well2003 : well well I guess I cant do this
    jameskazoo9 : ok
    jameskazoo9 : bye
    live_free_die_well2003 : guess this is really a scam
    jameskazoo9 : never in my life
    jameskazoo9 : whatever


    michealdeaf07 (11:20:18 PM): hi
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:24:06 PM): who is this?
    michealdeaf07 (11:24:23 PM): hello
    michealdeaf07 (11:24:30 PM): am micheal
    michealdeaf07 (11:24:34 PM): am from iowa
    michealdeaf07 (11:24:44 PM): i work here with DAL
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:25:01 PM): and how do u know me?
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:25:05 PM): who is dal?
    michealdeaf07 (11:26:01 PM): deaf lottery asasociation
    michealdeaf07 (11:26:07 PM): ok
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:26:12 PM): oh i see
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:26:21 PM): well nice to meet u
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:26:45 PM): how did u get my screen name from some one?
    michealdeaf07 (11:27:22 PM): nope
    michealdeaf07 (11:27:29 PM): from site
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:27:32 PM): site
    michealdeaf07 (11:27:36 PM): yes
    michealdeaf07 (11:27:40 PM): deaf connect
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:27:46 PM): what site?
    michealdeaf07 (11:27:59 PM): we pick you and two other sn
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:28:11 PM): cool
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:28:18 PM): so whats up?
    michealdeaf07 (11:28:19 PM): then we play the drawn for the three of of you
    michealdeaf07 (11:28:34 PM): you will not believre your sn won
    michealdeaf07 (11:28:42 PM): that why am here to inform you
    michealdeaf07 (11:28:48 PM): that you are the wininer
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:28:56 PM): awesome
    michealdeaf07 (11:29:13 PM): msileeeeeeeeeee
    michealdeaf07 (11:29:16 PM): smileeeeeeeeeeeeee
    michealdeaf07 (11:29:38 PM): are you os lucky like that?
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:29:48 PM): sounds good
    michealdeaf07 (11:30:31 PM): am here to give you the proof and your refree number
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:31:29 PM): okay
    michealdeaf07 (11:32:44 PM): what your full name?
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:32:58 PM): William
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:33:00 PM): Rude
    michealdeaf07 (11:33:07 PM): ok
    michealdeaf07 (11:33:14 PM): what about your address?
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:33:50 PM): address for?
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:34:14 PM): question for u ...what did i win anyways??
    michealdeaf07 (11:35:53 PM): 150.000.000$
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:36:24 PM): huh?
    michealdeaf07 (11:36:34 PM): yes
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:36:41 PM): 150 dollars?
    michealdeaf07 (11:36:49 PM): i wil send you the proof yes
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:37:01 PM): when?
    michealdeaf07 (11:37:32 PM): A division of the Deaf Lottery Association (DAL).United States.We are pleased to let you know you are a Winner!!!

    The online cyber lotto draws was conducted from an exclusive list of 3 e-mail addresses of individual and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer search from the internet. No
    tickets were sold. A division of the Deaf Lottery Association (DAL).United States.We are pleased to let you know you are a Winner!!!

    Attached Ref Number: PW 9590 ES 9414, Batch Number: 573881545-NL/2007.

    and Ticket draw Number: 5, 16, 26, 29, 36, You are therefore to receive a cash prize of $150,000.00 (one hundred and fifty thousand US Dollars)
    michealdeaf07 (11:37:38 PM): do you see that?
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:38:11 PM): yea
    michealdeaf07 (11:38:50 PM): what is your email addresssso that
    michealdeaf07 (11:39:10 PM): i will send your certificate
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:39:23 PM): [email protected]
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:40:20 PM): or [email protected]
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:41:47 PM): ??
    michealdeaf07 (11:41:58 PM): ok
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:42:53 PM): okay now what do I do?
    michealdeaf07 (11:43:11 PM): you will mail the maneger now
    michealdeaf07 (11:43:20 PM): that you will like to claim your money
    michealdeaf07 (11:43:22 PM): ok
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:43:28 PM): which email did u send to?
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:43:31 PM): first one?
    michealdeaf07 (11:43:34 PM): [email protected]
    michealdeaf07 (11:43:46 PM): i will mal you the two
    michealdeaf07 (11:43:47 PM): ok
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:44:10 PM): so I send email to that email saying I would like to claim my money??
    michealdeaf07 (11:44:36 PM): yes
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:44:42 PM): okay gonna do now
    michealdeaf07 (11:45:46 PM): ok
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:46:55 PM): okay I got ur email
    michealdeaf07 (11:47:12 PM): cool
    michealdeaf07 (11:47:22 PM): do you checkthe certificate now
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:48:23 PM): yea I saw that
    michealdeaf07 (11:48:52 PM): ok
    michealdeaf07 (11:48:57 PM): do you mail now?
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:49:37 PM): I sent email to [email protected] and I said that I would like to claim my prize money that I won. Correct?
    michealdeaf07 (11:50:07 PM): yes
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:50:17 PM): okay I already sent
    michealdeaf07 (11:50:21 PM): talk better with him
    michealdeaf07 (11:50:26 PM): is the boss
    michealdeaf07 (11:50:28 PM): ok
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:50:37 PM): okay how long will I wait get email from him ?
    michealdeaf07 (11:50:51 PM): he will be online
    michealdeaf07 (11:50:52 PM): now
    michealdeaf07 (11:50:57 PM): do you have yahoo sn?
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:51:00 PM): yes
    michealdeaf07 (11:51:06 PM): may be you wil talk to him there?
    michealdeaf07 (11:51:08 PM): ok
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:51:10 PM): live_free_die_well2003
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:51:20 PM): [email protected]
    michealdeaf07 (11:51:25 PM): i will mail hiim these too
    michealdeaf07 (11:51:45 PM): i wil expalin to him that you like to get claim your money
    michealdeaf07 (11:51:49 PM): mail him
    michealdeaf07 (11:51:56 PM): i will mail him either
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:51:56 PM): okay I am on line yahoo now as well
    michealdeaf07 (11:57:10 PM): i mail him already
    michealdeaf07 (11:57:16 PM): do you mail there?
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:57:26 PM): I did send him email
    michealdeaf07 (11:57:34 PM): ok
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:57:34 PM): but nothing back from him yet
    michealdeaf07 (11:57:42 PM): he will come online now
    PiTBULLdGs 1977 (11:57:50 PM): k