Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The US Department Of Justice Will Propose New Rules Relating To The Americans With Disabilities Act

Proposed new rules to the Americans With Disabilities Act due this summer should probably be focused on clarifying who counts as disabled under the law and getting businesses and government entities to comply, rather than adding new requirements.

The U.S. Department of Justice will propose new rules related to the act sometime in the next few months.

Proposed requirements being considered include:

* Visible workplace alarms, which would allow deaf and hard-of-hearing employees to be made aware of an emergency situation.

* Additional wheelchair-accessible seating at stadiums, theaters and other entertainment venues, spread out at varying distances from the stage or screen.

* One in every six accessible parking spaces to be van accessible, up from one of eight.

* TTY, or text telephone, equipment in all buildings with four or more public telephones.

* Wider doorways and entrances to galley kitchens, public restrooms, hotel rooms and public housing.

There was no mention of VRS, Closed Captioning, and Interpreters.

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