Monday, June 11, 2007

Gallynet Insanity Worsens

It's time for Gallynet mailing list to be operated by stakeholders who dont have direct connections such as holding employment positions or any of the leadership positions at Gallaudet University.

Let's all use this discussion list to attack the ingrained and protracted issues that are responsible for the high profile divisiveness in the hearing impaired communities thats causing the turbulence at Gallaudet University.

Ler's all work together to end the divisiveness and work on getting along with each other for the positive future of Gallaudet University.



  1. Why is the mailing list categorized under Health? Education would be better?

    Why is the term "hearing impaired" used (twice) instead of "deaf" in the description?

  2. Are u alumni of Gallaudet University? Yes or No?

  3. Tayler,

    I couldnt find education category when I was setting it up.

    The 'hearing impaired' is a much more descriptive term of the society we represent. And its more friendly to the grantmakers whereas 'deaf' sounds too militant and hostile to them.

    And for the anonymouse,

    Being a stakeholder doesnt necessarily mean being an alumini of Gallaudet. I dont have to be Gallaudet alumni in order to help the university meet the needs of the future hearing impaired students just as I'm doing to a number of schools in Orange County.


  4. Richard,
    I am puzzled why are you taking over?

    You have no business to run the
    new Gallynet?

    Gallaudet Alumni 1975

  5. With me running the list, Davila wont be able to 'kill the messenger' like he did with the moderator of the other gallynet listserv.