Friday, June 01, 2007

Cyberbullying And Rumor Attacks On Deaf Leaders

There has been numerous occurrences of cyberbullying and attacks on deaf leaders all over the United States either via email, newsgroups, blogs, postings, websites, restraining orders, and through vandalism.

The recent video submission on Joey Baer's Blog shows David Eberwein calling for increased attacks on deaf leaders representing the future of deaf society. "Instead of talking about how GOOD we are, talk about how BAD they are" is Eberwein's calling and with no clear indication of who is "they", it opens the door to a massive witchhunt. Therefore attacks on deaf leaders will increase soon.

These people who attack deaf leaders are just the very reasons that justify our society's need for agencies like ours as we have the means to connect deaf people with personal challenges to the right kind of help they need to be able to lead a safe, healthy, and productive living as everyone else.