Friday, June 01, 2007

Cyberbullying And Rumor Attacks On Deaf Leaders

There has been numerous occurrences of cyberbullying and attacks on deaf leaders all over the United States either via email, newsgroups, blogs, postings, websites, restraining orders, and through vandalism.

The recent video submission on Joey Baer's Blog shows David Eberwein calling for increased attacks on deaf leaders representing the future of deaf society. "Instead of talking about how GOOD we are, talk about how BAD they are" is Eberwein's calling and with no clear indication of who is "they", it opens the door to a massive witchhunt. Therefore attacks on deaf leaders will increase soon.

These people who attack deaf leaders are just the very reasons that justify our society's need for agencies like ours as we have the means to connect deaf people with personal challenges to the right kind of help they need to be able to lead a safe, healthy, and productive living as everyone else.



  1. DE was NOT talking about deaf leaders! You took everything he said out of context. He was talking about the SYSTEMATIC AUDISM.

    I know you are against ASL and other deaf organizations that advocate ASL. What I dont understand is why you come to Deafread and pretend to advocate the deaf?

  2. There's plenty of people that connect systematic audism to deaf leaders. Take a look at the ridorlive website for example. With nobody being clear at who and what is 'systematic audism', it can be misinterpreted, and it opens the door to a systematic witchhunt.

    Where does it say I'm against ASL?


  3. Hmmm... I'm not sure I agree. I thought that statement from David E. was referring to hearing people who took deaf people's language. I think this is what he meant by "they," but it would be best to ask him for clarification on his statements first before jumping to conclusions about what he meant.

    I didn't interpret his statements as a call for deaf to attack certain deaf leaders at all. I certainly didn't see this as a prediction of what is about to happen in the future.

    Just my humble 2 cents worth.

    ~ LaRonda

  4. Albeit his not having specifically referring them, it was very clear from scratch that DE was talking between the lines about audists and audists' deaf protégès. Like
    Joey Baer, DE is very concerned about the quality education for the
    deaf. Perhaps you would understand
    DE much better after watching Diane
    DiGi's most recent vlog. She puts
    "and" brilliantly. Meaning? We have
    to look at the deceptive language
    "or". We must delete "or" and
    insert "and".

    Jean Boutcher

  5. I agree with LaRonda...

    If you watch Barb DiGi's latest vlog expanding on that question and went further in analyzing that with research she found.

    You'd see DE agreeing with her there.

    Richard, I'd really like for you to start working with us and put aside your anger and hate!!

    With so much energy you got invested on DeafRead, you could be helping out! ;)

  6. I'm seeing theres already several different interpretations of the 'they' question popping up all over the deaf blogworld.

    It's comical that lots of deaf people have been and still are misinterpreting my passion and advocacy as anger and hate respectively.


  7. Well, you just made your own interpretation of who "they" are.

    Why dont we use this to explain/clarify who "they" are, and then you can come to your own conclusions.

    The explanation/clarification is part of the discourse process.

    So, I thank you for bringing this up regardless, so we can figure out who "they" are really.

  8. Cy

    You don't trust you as your Vlog is very boring.

  9. (I)


    (I don’t trust )

    Cy has proved to attack his Blogger to spread his news. So, I suggest you to delete your Vlog since I can’t stand to look at your ugly features.

  10. Joey Baer say “Deafhood’s definition of Deaf include ALLLLLLLLLLLL kinds of Deaf people (hard of hearing, hard of deaf, soft of hearing, soft of deaf, whatever you call it!) who CAN sign.”

    to copy from dhh-community

  11. Richard,

    If you say you are not against ASL, then why do you have an idiotic vlog with you speaking and not signing and saying that you are the future of the Deaf?

    You are the most oddest and screwed up individual I have ever come across.

    Erick Ketcham

  12. get a grip
    the real world is all cutthroat biz

    if you are that thick in head, why do we bother talking to you?

  13. Yeah, you're throwing a fit because you're afraid someone would catch you in the act of being an idiotic cyberbully!

    Sometimes it is not all about *you*!

    Stop masturbating at various blogs and forums and start being a positive change for the Deaf community, for once!!!

  14. Yes it is correct Cyber bullying and rumor is directly attacked on deaf leader.Cyber bullying big problem for politician and government and also local environment.<