Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Student adviser sentenced to one year in prison for molesting two boys at school for deaf

This feller was one of my critics in a popular blogger website in 2005.

Hey Josh, you think that by getting yourself a job at that school will get your wants in life? Bubbye loser you're going down for real! One less rat in that sewer village.



A Cincinnati judge has sentenced a student adviser to one year in prison after he pled guilty to molesting at least two boys at a school for the deaf.

More at http://www.norwalkreflector.com/article/1659991


  1. Thus jerks sentence seems like a slap on the wrist this is 2 indavidual lives shouldn't it be at least 5 to 10 years what is the value of a child if this guy has more value to be out in a year

  2. If it were ur child ask urself the following

    1 how would he she feel
    2would u want him out that early to do it again and not get any serious mental health for his sickness
    3.how long does a kids recovery take.
    4 seems to be a love connection here for this guy
    5 seems the predator has more rights then the children in our legal sytem the truth means nothing
    6.the years teach much which the days never knew whittier whaat would barack say
    7who's rights are protected more who's has more significant value for the principal of law which is a obligatory contract. To serve but it gets presided with prejudice and its not a fair and impartial trial on grounds of proper service to the children and there value as citazens
    8who's going to care if laws not going to care this guy should stay as long as it takes to rehabilitate him a slap on tthe wrist is the president having the audacity of hope to serve a criminal and not a child the criminal matters more how muslim it seems hmmmm and what is it we entrust to lead us is the president of the united states a child molester does he have the audacity to hurt peoples lives like that and violate it so intimintly

  3. Good parents, good people,good friends don't violate children.