Friday, July 20, 2012

Former deaf child shares his story with lawmakers

Johnathan is a normal kid. He likes fishing and playing sports. It was at the age of 13, one year ago, that he first got to hear the sounds of all his favorite things.

This guy going to be the poster boy in congress.

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  1. Its amazing how fixated this site is it must be run by all hearing people seems this site is fixated on the idea of sensationalising the hearing worlds obsession with sound seems there more into converting deaf then accepting deaf and dealing with real deaf issues rather then making a poster boy out of a deaf person who is hearing now the kid should have really learned about who he is as a deaf person and later made his own decision not someone coersing it for him or making the decison for him all deaf people have the right to make there own choices in life deaf people should not be forced to live to please hearing culture all my life my adoptive parents and the neighborhood I grew up in has tried to force me to live for them please them there lives not mine I'm suppossed to be the slave of there fantasies its very uncomforting when ithey make me feel like I have no right to live. Its like I live in vain for there obsessive compulsive disorder no one sees me as a person they see me as a psych study case

  2. The person who started and ran this site until February 6th 2013 was Deaf. In fact I started running this site today April 17th 2013 and I am the first hearing person to do so. We focus on relevant news that deals with hearing loss and deafness. Yes, I left the "D" out on propose. There is more to the world of hearing loss than Deaf culture.
    Beth Koenig
    Executive Director
    Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center