Monday, May 24, 2010

Two shot, one fatally, on St. Paul Street

Two shot, one fatally, on St. Paul Street

wo men were shot, one fatally, in an apparent home invasion today at an apartment on St. Paul Street across from the Rochester School for the Deaf.

Police said the two men — both of whom were 28 and from the northeast part of the city — were in an apartment at 1580 St. Paul St. just before 3:20 p.m. when several people arrived at the door. An altercation occurred and the two men were shot, one in the shoulder and the other multiple times in the upper torso, said Rochester police spokesman Officer LaRon Singletary.

Neither the victims nor the suspects lived in the apartment, said Singletary, and it’s unclear who does live there or if anyone else was in the apartment at the time.

The suspects fled and the two injured men ran from the apartment and collapsed in the street — one on the east side of the street in front of the apartment, the other across the street in front of the School for the Deaf.

They were taken by ambulance to local hospitals and one man was pronounced dead at Rochester General Hospital at 4:05 p.m. The other, who was shot in the shoulder, was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital.

Several people in the area at the time of the shooting saw the men collapse in the street and tried to help them

“I was driving home. I saw him lying in the road and I called 911,” said Nicole Gonzalez of Norton Street. Gonzalez said the man was bleeding from the chest and mouth and was asking for help.

“I just held his hand and tried to console him,” Gonzalez said. A woman who she believes to be the dying man’s mother arrived at the scene and kept saying, “My baby, my baby,” Gonzalez said.

“It was very difficult to watch that,” she said.

By the time police arrived, the man was unresponsive, she said.

The school’s director of public relations, Frank Kruppenbacher, said some students and faculty were outside on athletic fields at the time of the shooting but were quickly brought inside and the school was placed in lockdown for about 20 minutes.

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