Monday, July 30, 2007

Turning or "Scourging" Deaf Advocates Into Double Edged Swords

So it has been a big KUDOS to Dawnsignpress all these years! People buy their books
and products from everywhere.

Even kudos from my own vlog post! I have nothing against what they produced that's being used by the deaf peddlers for their personal income.

Their kudos goes on to a thunderous scale as evidenced below.

Deaf websites carry their stuff;

Web articles praise them;

On hitting a home run...

Even deaf blogs cheer them;

Yes it's a big kudos to Dawnsignpress for printing the small 16 page booklets deaf people have been seen selling, or you can say peddling, for their living.

Take a look at ->

The big question is; Why arent they getting the same flak as I got?

Take a look at the colorful comments at -> for having peddling cards available for deaf people to print themselves.

Unlike Dawnsignspress or DCARA, we're not even making deaf people pay for the peddling cards from our deaf center. It's free and downloadable straight from our website.

Maybe they wont get any flak because to you all, Dawnsignpress seems to be a very 'deaf enough' business based on all the great praise and patronage they've been getting all these years.

With Dawnsignpress getting all the bouquets of praise and me getting all the brickbats thrown at over publishing the peddling booklets/cards, that's just one great way to turn, or you can say "to scourge", the deaf advocates like me into double edged swords.



  1. Shocking you took the bullets indended for others.

    Kudos to you Richard!

  2. To Anonymous-

    Where have you been? Under a rock?

  3. Ok. Here's my thoughts:

    Does the Dawn Sign Press booklet say: "I am selling this Deaf Education Booklet to make my living" ?? I don't think it does. That's one difference between the card you shared and this booklet. (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.)

    Can you verify that Dawn Sign Press makes these booklets for the sole intention of providing them to Deaf Peddlers to resell? (I'm not talking about deaf retailers, but deaf peddlers.)

    I want to make a clarification between Deaf Peddling and Deaf Retail. Deaf Retail sellers can purchase media wholesale and then resell it for profit. That is different than Deaf Peddling. The card you have recycled and provided to the community plays on pity. Selling that card is not Deaf retail. That's Deaf peddling.

    I could be wrong, but I'm guessing these booklets from DSP are like any media materials sold to the public. What the public then does with those booklets (i.e.: Uses them in parenting classes, sign language classes, playgroups, etc.) is up to the buyer. I don't think Dawn Sign Press or DCARA sells their materials for the sole purpose of helping Deaf Peddlers make a living.

    I think therein lies the difference.

    I don't think anyone in the deaf community is against deaf retail. But there are many, historically, who do not support or look highly upon Deaf peddling. The fact that you were advocating the resurrection and use of this card to again brought this historical feeling back into the picture. People questioned your motives and why you chose to advocate this particular issue again.

    The cards that you made available to Deaf Peddlers to sell, actually provide inaccurate ASL signs. Perhaps they are OLD signs (generational) that I am not familiar with, but they are not the correct signs we use today in ASL. Why share these with the public without this clarification? It would be more appropriate if the card said that those signs were used back in the 1800's or something. At least people would know that they were historical and not current.

    The signs for "good," "bad," "perfect," and "chance" on the cards you are sharing with the deaf community are actually hearing gestures, not ASL signs. I don't think I've ever seen the sign or gesture for "bad" on that card. Where did that come from?

    If some hearing person wanted to learn these signs from this card and then use them with deaf people today, they may not be fully understood. It seems out of date and gives a strange impression to people today about what signs are important to deaf people.

    Good, Bad, Perfect, Chance, Friend, OK, Right, No-Good, Girl, Thanks, Boy, Marry and Sweetheart....??? Hmmm..... It almost looks as if the cars is selling an idea of a relationship! Just weird.

    This card is obviously antiquated, old and somewhat obsolete.

    I think another difference is that the cards you resurrected are used for the sole purpose of earning a living through pity.

    I get that you want to help Deaf people earn a living and are willing to look outside of the box. But Deaf peddling and this particular card is not well received in the deaf community as you have seen in the many responses to your former post. deaf people don't want to be pitied! we want people to know we can do anything!

    Why perpetuate this concept of "Poor me - this is all I know how to do to earn a living." this is not the message deaf people want to give to the hearing world!

    The educational value of the card you use is very, very small and not very useful. Deaf peddling in this way is no longer supported by the deaf community and illegal in some states.

    Dawn Sign Press booklets offer their current and updated educational media as a business wholesaler for other businesses and individuals to purchase. Some distribute them for free (after they have purchased them) as part of outreach and ASL literacy. Some give them away free.

    It appears that some people peddle them as you said. Those who peddle them are still playing with pity, which is not looked upon highly.

    ~ LaRonda

  4. Why are you wearing sextoons and running non-profit organization....

    very proffessional of you

  5. Todays my day off as I've been working 2 education booths plus a food stand fundraiser over the weekend. And I can wear anything I want on my days off.

    Laronda, you need to wake up and pay a little more attention for me please.


  6. do you have more sextoon shirts? i will be in orange county wedneday, can i get it? time is OC deaf advoacy office open?

  7. Again, if you're making vlogs for your organization, you should still wear appropriately for that reason, even if you're off that day. Otherwise, vlog on your personal blog account and not on your organization's!

    Then again, after viewing your vlog today, it's a given -

    You're mentally retarded. You have my pity.

  8. Richard, please clarify. You are calling me to pay attention. I thought I was. Did I miss something?

    ~ LaRonda

  9. A couple of these shirts were given to me by Robert Johnson when I visited his business in Texas not long before he took the big jump. I have no intention of letting go of these shirts for any reason. These are my trophies of my accomplishment in turning a popular scam artist into a well respected artist and businessman.

    deaf258, I must remind you that 'leadership is an art' and I made sure it is so an art whether you like it or not.

    laronda, your comment speaks highly of the ignorance of the point being made is why other people are allowed to do it and I am not.


  10. Richard,

    I'm not ignorant.

    To clarify, my points were:

    1) Deaf peddling is not highly looked upon no matter who advocates it. If Dawn Sign Press is advocating Deaf Peddling then they too will not be looked highly upon.

    2) I questioned whether or not the card you use and the booklet from DSP are the same thing. I do not believe they are.

    3) I don't think that Dawn Sign Press made those booklets for Deaf Peddlers. I will investigate to be sure.

    4) The cards you recycled is also antiquated and obsolete.

    5) Deaf peddling is not well received in the deaf community because we don't want to be pitied!

    How much more clear can I be?

    ~ LaRonda

  11. Richard,

    "Scourge" is your favorite word. Were you watching some kind of old movie and then your brother hit you in the head and now today, you're obsessed with the word?

    What's the story behind your obsessive use of the word "Scourge"?

    Deaf 258, Richard isn't mentally retarded... He's mentally deranged!

  12. I understand LaRonda's point.

    What made you think that the person is allowed to sell the booklet? I think that what this person did was illegal. Its like this person is selling ABC cards.

    I found the following links just like you showed us:

    You compliment this person for selling the book. Can you tell us why you think that its the right thing? Why should we buy the book?

  13. The peddler was spying on your business meeting. You never know.

  14. no shirt to sell? do you have store? time is open and close? thank u,

  15. Richard,

    1) I have heard from Dawn Sign Press representative who has clarified that their booklets specifically say on the back "NOT FOR INDIVIDUAL SALE."

    2) Those booklets are meant to be given for FREE to educate the community on ASL signs to be used in emergencies when interpreters are not able to be present.

    3) Batches are ordered by organizations, agencies and schools, etc. to distribute as needed to educate basic sign vocabulary used in the deaf community.

    Bottom line, the booklet you showed us in your vlog from Dawn Sign Press is not to be used to resale or peddle.

    By buying one from this woman, you may have been supporting an illegal activity.

    DSP did not endorse the deaf peddling of their materials.

    ~ LaRonda

  16. laronda,

    I gotta hand it to you for your undying zeal to discredit my blog post today.

    But you know what, 90% of the deaf are illiterate, and it's highly likely she didnt understand or couldnt even read the "NOT FOR INDIVIDUAL SALE" line on the back of the booklet.

    And through my own eyes, I saw a deaf woman peddling the booklets and I'm happy to have helped her because whether theyre legal or not I'll always support deaf peddlers in any way, shape, or form.


  17. I don't understand why you were on about explained deaf people by showing how to protection of sex advantage/offend/ who are label of names of people and where they lives posts in the internet and helping deaf awareness.

    BUT your shirt does not make any sense and very very rude to deaf people on vlog/ you were so nice to which are you into business for deaf or for hearing ????? BECAUSE of you were using speech/speaking voices on where is your tech. of text for deaf people is that fair to us? I don't think so....

  18. Richard, your assessment that 90 percent of the deaf are illiterate is inaccurate at best. The number is just your own that you throw around. Is that why you think you can get away with taking advantage of the few who trust you? Shame on you.

  19. Your point, Richard, as you clarified with me earlier, was that you were asking why other people are allowed to do it (advocate deaf peddling) and you are not.

    I simply followed up to be sure that what you were saying about Dawn Sign Press was accurate or not. I didn't think it was.

    It might be true that this woman may have been illiterate. Who knows? But you can read, can't you?

    ~ LaRonda

  20. The 90% figure was developed by the late Morton Warnow who founded the Modern Deaf Communications, Inc. organization. He's helped us a lot with literacy goals for the deaf communities.

    The peddler is a classic example of the widespread illiteracy problem in the deaf communities.

    Have you seen why deaf people have been flocking to VRS? Thats because they dont use the TTY's and thats because theyre not literate enough to have a decent command of the written language to use TTYs and there's many vlogs available to prove this point.


  21. What kind of bombardment is this? I find your comments very misleading, and such poor taste. I don't know you, but I’d like to advice if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing!

    Why are you so particular about the extent of Deaf illiterates? Are you stuck in the days of cultural segregation (like racial segregation)? You show a contradiction demonstrating bias against the Deaf people and its culture. Obviously, this promotes an outrage by us, 500 million Deaf (and may I add, hard-of-hearing and late-deafened) people all over the world who feel oppressed by people like you. Enough is enough. If you need to vent it out, go see a psychiatrist. You went off the point putting down Deaf folks like me.

    I see you as a classic example of an audist. This is an era where we want to erase AUDISM from anyone’s vocabulary (I’m guilty as I’m using this very word this very minute.) You’ve just made an establishment that misinforms and ill-educates people about Deaf people, Deaf communities, and Deaf identity (or is it identify?). It appears you wish to cure or perhaps cause uproar for Deaf people. I am saddened to see twisted information drifted between the polarizing issues, like how you quoted 90% illiterates when the main concern right now should be about allowing the opportunity to have Deaf babies learn ASL. We condemn these tactics, given great harm to the credibility of the Deaf community. Can’t you just be one of those role models of being an audism-free individual?

    As I’m typing this in haste, I want to take the time to ask that we heal from the very strides made by people like you, and we need to be credited. You among others like AG Bell owe the Deaf community an apology for such condemnation. The Deaf community blazed a trail across Deaf America. We thank them, our Deaf warriors who cared enough to make a difference. . .

    You can contribute to making a difference also when you reform. As the saying goes, “A small step, but a giant LEAP for Deafkind.” So, do yourself a favor by taking a small step towards Deaf-kind. We need your energy for Deaf Bilingual Coalition (and, you’d be making amends when you offer your helping hands.) Thanks for “hearing” me out!

  22. nice baseball toss.... how many takes did it take for you to catch it?

  23. Hey ya all! Lay off on Twist-Richard, as we all know he's a sick twist fella and be thankful at least he's wearing a shirt.

    Who would wear a thing like that? Oh yeah, Richard!

    Real professional...

    Go back into the hole.

  24. Tina Jo,

    Thanks for your 2 cents. I'll invest it in stem cells.

    For the 2 anonymouses,

    I used to be a pitcher for a pony-colt team. We made it 2nd to the last place. At least I can catch.

    'Twist-Richard' thats a neat marketing gimmick I can use.


  25. Twistard! Thats a good nickname.


  26. Sorry, I missed the whole chain about offering these lovely cards for purchase. Are we supposed to give mini packs of chickletes with them? Is there a perferred sorrowful expression to wear when offering these "items"? When someone from the community asks us "why are we making it look like Deaf people can't have REAL jobs?" do causualy stroll away or strait run?