Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Our Blog is up!

We finally have a Blog! This is great, we will be able to deliver news and information so much faster now. And people can discuss the information and link to it. And well, it's just wonderful!


  1. We're all excited about this blog!

    Richard Roehm

  2. Whos up to starting a DBHH sailing club? I have the sailboat and if enough interest would be interested in sharing her with the OC DBHH community.

  3. I agree the Gallaudet U Board of Directors have no backbone. If people think that we should have democratic way then lets set up a voting ballot and let people vote in the next Gally President.

    I am disappointed. I have decided not to donate my $$ to Gallaudet any more. I will also be re-writing my will to take Gallaudet U OFF my beneficary list.

    Such a sad thing.

    I wish them luck.

  4. like you always do, Richard, change, change, change. You had newsletter now you have stopped. Doing the blog. You're so mixed up, guess you don't know what you want.

  5. Oh year, Richard, you controlled all the responses. Anything you do not like, you removed it. It's one sided, just like what I.King Jordan has been doing. Dictatorship is how you are.

  6. Sorry you feel that way but it's the blogger thing that dont seem to be working.