Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Investor Alert: Investor Warning Regarding Web-Based Scheme Defrauding Deaf Investors (Imperia Invest IBC)

Imperia Invest IBC has become a recurring topic in the deaf video bogging world. But none of it has ever become as intense as its going on right now. Its now become elevated to seeing strong personal attacks on both sides of this issue.

"Old news old news we all know about it...." seems to be a very popular comment and response to new victims video blogs expressing their plight with Imperia Invest IBC.

It's not "old news" to these new victims! Its important this education is organic and remain active so we prevent additional deaf people from becoming victims to this scam.


The Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) has charged an Internet-based investment company, Imperia Invest IBC (“Imperia”), with securities fraud for soliciting several million dollars from U.S. investors and promising guaranteed annual returns in excess of 1.2% per day while in reality siphoning the funds into foreign bank accounts and not paying any money back to investors.

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SEC's page has the statement in a video in Sign Language.


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