Saturday, May 26, 2012

At Least Four More Suspected Sex Offenders Are Active Vloggers At The Deaf DVTV Website

Three males and one female.

They have been active in DVTV and I will not release their screenames due to knowing theres ongoing investigations on two of these DVTV members suspected of pedophilia. But the moment their cases are published in news media, Tayler Mayer has my promise to further embarrass him and his website with my broadcasts of these facts.

Again I warn people not to get themselves too involved with the DVTV website because they could end up facing the embarrassment of getting investigated and maybe charged with being associates to these sex offenders in some states.

I want to point out these are websites that I have been using to screen our volunteers and program associates. And a number of DVTV vloggers have benefited from my assistance through these resources.


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