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Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center Newsletter - March 19, 2011

Greetings everyone,

The big news this week are the expanded revisions on the ADA regulations became
effective Tuesday. Some big changes in the definition of a "service animal".
Given these changes, it becomes necessary to revive our service animal
evaluation and certification program.

On Friday, July 23, 2010, Attorney General Eric Holder signed final regulations
revising the Department's ADA regulations, including its ADA Standards for
Accessible Design. The official text was published in the Federal Register on
September 15, 2010. The revised regulations amend the Department's Title II
regulation, 28 C.F.R. Part 35, and the Title III regulation, 28 C.F.R. Part 36.
Appendix A to each regulation includes a section-by-section analysis of the rule
and responses to public comments on the proposed rule.

Paybox becomes Virtapay and this means rebranding is happening and will soon
open to the public as soon as a major credit card company partners with it.
Help OCDAC raise money by signing up through this link :

Finally lets celebrate National Deaf History Month with a day of positive
relationships, a day of positive coexistence, and a day of fun at our bowing
tournament next Saturday. More info on our bowling event and please join us.

Richard Roehm, Chairman
On behalf of Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center


Our ebay store

Funds raised would go to supporting a variety of advocacy, training, education,
outreach, and residency programs offered by the Orange County Deaf Advocacy

Were always adding many new items each month.

Your support is always needed. Please visit the store and see our new items.


Our meetups scheduling will resume starting May 2011. Please join a group for
more information.

The Orange County Deaf & Hearing Impaired Meetup Group

The Orange County American Sign Language Meetup Group

Oral Deaf Orange County


Fire crews use `sign' cards to help deaf

FIREFIGHTERS have been equipped with pocket sized `emergency signs' cards to
help them communicate with the deaf community in Cheshire.

Read more at :\


Help us raise some funds with our tupperware fundraiser.

Our tupperware fundraiser


(Deaf) Man Able To Walk After Confined To Wheelchair

Scott Bettencourt was determined to walk and his mother Judy Forbes never
doubted that he would. After all, this was not the first time he would overcome
physical challenges and learn to use his legs again.

Read more at :\


SC school leaders hope House plan holds

After years of cutbacks amid the recession, South Carolina's five public
residential schools for talented, troubled and hearing- and visually-impaired
students are poised to get more money in the state budget.

Read more at :\


Donate to Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center

Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center is a transparent organization serving the
needs of people with disabilities and our transparency is visible at\
and we are current with our State of California reporting requirements.

Give us a hand. Go to


Ear implant decision raises questions

Health Minister Deb Matthews' recent announcement that an additional $5.9
million is being provided for cochlear implants should lead to increased
scrutiny of Ontario government policy regarding deaf children's access to sign

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Paypal is one super online payment system we all come to know for now. However a
new company called VirtaPay is rising up using the same babysteps as paypal.
They need at least 3 million members before they can open up to the public and
your help is needed. We will get $10.00 for each new VirtaPay signup. New
signups will be given $25.00 in startup funds. Now isn't that a win win
situation for you and our organization?



Don't let a doctor destroy your baby's hearing

As about 2% of babies born in the United States do, Alex Resnick failed the
routine newborn hearing screening he received before he left the hospital. At
first his parents didn't think much of it, since the nurse told them further
testing often shows the baby is fine. But six weeks later when those additional
tests showed Alex had moderate to severe hearing loss, his mother's heart sank.

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For over 37 years, Labels for Education® has supported organizations across the
country by providing more than $110 million in free educational merchandise.
This year, the Labels for Education program is getting even better with a new
look and focus on the Arts, Athletics and Academic enrichment programs that can
spark children's successes. Labels for Education is also adding new partnerships
and resources. With your help, the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center can make
this year the best ever! To meet our goals, we need to collect 1,000,000 points.

Campbells Labels For Education Program


(Deaf) Kidnapping Suspect Appears in Taylor County Magistrate Court

A man accused of kidnapping a Taylor County teenager was in magistrate court on

Read more at :


**** DISCLAIMER ****

The OCDAC Newsletter is designed to share information of interest to people with
disabilities, their friends, associates, and relatives and promote advocacy in
the disability community. Information circulated herein does not necessarily
express the views of The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center. The OCDAC
Newsletter is non-partisan. OCDAC Newsletter does not sell advertising space.

The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center is a community based organization that
puts people with disabilities first in their advocacy for equal opportunities in
safety, health, and productive living.

The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center provides services for disabled
individuals and their families in our community who need help in navigating the
social services maze. Every day people go without proper food, shelter, and
essential medical care every day due to a variety of factors including low
wages, job loss, injuries, illness, age, domestic violence, or divorce. While
all of us are susceptible to hard times, disabled individuals are at the most
risk. With the generous support of people like you, we are able to help many of
these families and individuals not only to meet essential daily needs, but to
work toward a brighter future with programs in job training, education,
counseling, elderly assistance, and temporary housing.

Feel free to forward this email message IN ITS ENTIRETY to anyone and any of
your personal mailing lists so we can get the important messages out far and
wide and encourage them to sign up for our weekly newsletter.

Our physical address is P.O. Box 4339, Santa Ana, California, 92702-4339 and
this email is in compliance with CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

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