Friday, January 01, 2010

OCDAC's 2010 Resolutions

2010 will be a banner year for Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center as we have been expanding our services utilizing our collaborations with numerous disability related organizations to advance our zeal. We have 5 key goals to accomplish in 2010. Most of these goals are similar to our 2009 resolutions. The key goals all fit within our mission and vision statements.

1) Solidifying our leadership direction by adding "armor" to our ship.
a) Increasing the community evaluations of irresponsible deaf leadership ( exceeded in 2009 )
b) Promoting responsible deaf leadership ( achieved in 2009 )
c) Increasing funding and resources for the Deaf WAI (War Against Indiscipline) program ( exceeded in 2009 )
d) Expanding our resilience to casualty events such as loss of membership to popular deaf video blogging/vlogging websites.

2) Focus on deaf evolution
a) Resurrecting confrontational advocacy.
b) Application of "Purpose Driven Advocacy".
c) Increasing the use of technology-based social service concept ( exceeded in 2009 )
d) Expanding our fiscal independence concept ( exceeded in 2009 )

3) Office resources
a) Continue to reduce facilities costs by acquiring additional real estate for the use as office resources ( exceeded in 2009 )
b) Consolidating our expenses to avoid repetition of costs (exceeded in 2009)

4) Outreach
a) Participate in deaf events that promote responsible deaf leadership
b) Focus on events that need exposure to hearing loss outreach ( achieved in 2009 )
c) Develop outreach videos and use the video sharing websites ( exceeded in 2009 )
d) Simplify outreach materials for easier transporting, setup, takedown ( achieved in 2009 )
e) Provide leadership in non-deaf causes (AIDS, Paganism, Medical Innovations, Environmental, etc...) ( achieved in 2009 )

5) Social services
a) Development of web-based social service automation for global access
b) Development and proliferation of "Purpose Driven Advocacy" applications in deaf/hard of hearing social services.

In the past 11 years and continuing beyond 2010, the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center will do what we do better than anything else in the world, PROTECT AND ENTERTAIN our stakeholders, with our special brand of deaf advocacy.

We will be using this video clip below throughout 2010 as our driving force to develop and proliferate purpose driven advocacy in deaf/hard of hearing social services.

We wish everyone a safe, healthy, and productive 2010!


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