Monday, December 28, 2009

This Volcano House Listing Perfect For High-End R-4 Rehab House For Deaf!

I came across this property and it looks perfect for a high-end R-4 house for wealthy deaf addicts. Ultimate privacy and free from the urban distractions. Wealthy deafies dont want to go to Awakenings, they tell me that for sure!

Volcano House

This just an idea until I have 800 grand to invest. I can run a R-4 house. I used to operate one in Midway City from '87-'92 that failed because of the urban distractions like bars, liquor stores, and big city crap. This place would definitely eliminate most of the problems I had running the R-4 house in Midway City.

The listing info

The Yahoo satellite image and map location

If you can spare me the $800 grand, I can make this dream into reality.

Richard Roehm

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