Friday, February 27, 2009

Letter To Senator Harkin

February 27, 2009

The Honorable Tom Harkin
731 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Harkin,

Even though you're not one of  our senators, we appreciate the time to read the letter from us.

We at the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center thanks and appreciates your longstanding zeal to make life better for people with disabilities.

As civilization advances, the deaf community has been very slow to advance with it.  And they show it by forcefully rejecting futurists like Dr. Jane K. Fernandes from running Gallaudet University.  They also show it by violently resisting most attempts to create bridges out of the so called 'crab theory' syndrome that keeps many of the deaf community members in a prison of silence.

We are all for advancing the deaf community through mitigation of their hearing and speech disabilities.  Two of our board members serve on UCI's Stem Cell PAC as one of the avenues we use to help the new deaf generation escape the prison of silence among other ailments.

What we ask from you is for your continued support in helping the deaf community advance with civilization and helping them escape the prison of silence. Please support the oral deaf schools, please support the application of latest medical innovations to mitigate hearing loss such as cochlear and brain stem implants, and support the organizations like ours for advocating these avenues for the new deaf generations.

Also we ask for you is to give a hard look at the Deaf Bilingual Coalition and consider adding them to the lists of domestic terrorists since their members have been violently resistant to advancements of the deaf community.  They show it through numerous videoblogging activities and violent activities at deaf socials and expo events.

Finally we ask you to help millions of deaf Americans and deaf Californians escape the prison of silence with your support of oral deaf schools, medical innovations, and suppressing violence from members of the deaf community that are resistant to advancing with civilization.

We look forward to a response from you once you have taken the opportunity to look into the matter.

Thank you,

Richard Roehm
Chief Executive Officer

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