Monday, February 16, 2009 Lists Out Job Categories Boosted By Stimulus Legislation

Tomorrow President Obama will sign the legislation that will provide the needed economic stimulus. According to, the most wanted new jobs, listed by major Obama initiatives, will include:

Initiative: Construction of Roads, Bridges, Transit and Rural Broadband

Key Jobs:

  1. Construction managers

  2. Project managers

  3. Civil engineers

  4. Computer-aided drafting specialists

  5. Telecommunications engineers

Initiative: Greater Oversight of Financial Markets

Key Jobs:

  1. Compliance accountants

  2. Internal auditors

  3. Tax accountants

  4. Government regulators

Initiative: Energy Independence

Key Jobs:

  1. Electrical engineers

  2. Mechanical engineers

  3. Power grid managers

  4. Biofuels chemists

  5. Sales and marketing

Initiative: Healthcare Modernization

Key Jobs:

  1. Nurses

  2. Information technology specialists

  3. Bioinformatics specialists

  4. Information security specialists

  5. Software developers

Initiative: Volunteerism and Community Involvement

Key Jobs:

  1. Social workers

  2. Administrators

  3. Translators

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