Sunday, August 03, 2008

Jack Barr And His Followers Are Making A Lot Of Smoke Now

They're smoking up the air to cover up the fact that Jack made a hate video blog.  He removed it too late, I've been able to archive the video and I'll be presenting the vlog in presentations and places where no one can smoke up the air.

To be wailing about oral school abuse is a classic cop out. Oral schools of the past, of course were pioneering schools, they had to correct the mistakes that happened and thats in the past. Today's oral deaf schools are nothing close to what the so called 'oral survivors' are wailing about.

This even also goes a very long to say the ASL community would rather stick to the past than move on forward into the future.  That's a message from the deaf community that'll stick in the working ears like wax.



  1. I have not seen you move forward, Richard. By the way, I know damn well you control your own blog/vlog, just like everyone else. How come you can not be honest?

  2. I honestly do not think this is necessary. People could easily use your vlogs, blogs for their presentations too.

  3. Let them. Mine is more believable than them.

  4. It has been Recorded what JACK BARR said includes shooting!! on video

  5. The funny thing about their complaints about oral schools... is that AG Bell has never run or maintained oral schools, and also clearly supports the mainstream, when possible. While plenty of oral schools advertize in AG Bell publication (as do hearing aid manufacturers, sign language publishers, etc), they are separately run. Particularly the state-run, government schools which have performed so poorly. They need to find the people in charge of those schools if they want to complain, not go hate-mongering. A. G. Bell is not the cause of their angst, nor did the organization do anything to them.