Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Gold Tidbits Here And There

Alas! The OC Fair is finally over. It was a grueling 3 week long outreach program.  The results are just grand!

We've been able to forge supply agreements with the makers of these 2 items below at the fair.

Yes we had a good handful of hearing impaired people working and selling stuff there.

Our safety coloring books were a hit there! We passed out 40,000 copies of our safety booklet that includes these 2 images below.

And we got ourselves a 3rd house for our housing program. We got invited to dozens of presentations. We got a handful of vendors for our AT Expo next year.

Finally, I gathered up a lot of elements to put a story together and thats the story behind the bleeding logo you see below.  You will find it soon!

We really had a great time in the island of sanity.


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