Saturday, January 12, 2008

Response to Possibility of CSDF Closure

This is my response to

I vividly remember Dr. Rachel Stone and the great news she made.

I remember she had little desire to support the disabled at CSDR. Thats is why she made the great news.

Maybe they don't like the old guard deaf synergy that has made CSDF their stronghold so they decide to pull the plug on the whole school.

Thats very appropriate to teach the California deaf coalition a hard lesson for not embracing diversity in the first place.

Richard Roehm


  1. Doesn't have anything to do with "old guard", it's more politics and MONEY. Scare tatic, if you will. Time will tell. These "old guards" you speak of really don't have much power, so to speak. I've heard of similar threats on other schools for the deaf. Similar to what happen to federal employees, there was a threat at one time to furlough them and it all had to do with politics and budget.

  2. Full of assumptions, as usual, Roehm. For one thing, why would O'Connell threaten to close the blind school too, which has nothing to do with deaf politics?

  3. Sorry. I don't get you. Explain more

  4. Of course they'll threaten to close both and we'll see which group puts the best impression upon O'Connell to keep it open.

    I assume he is going to be very mindful of what the deaf community did to Jane Fernandes at Gallaudet.


  5. O'Connell will be very mindful of the contributions to the betterment of California by the deaf and the blind special interest groups.

    The blind people hospitalized most of the California freeway rest stops and they’ll be remembered for making California better for their motorists.

    What has the deaf community done to make California better? Name one thing the deaf community did to benefit everyone in California?

    Remember the 2 big pillars of California deaf education, dont forget to add the CASDHH, all made themselves poor examples in the area of inclusivity and diversity. I think this longstanding attitude is going to haunt the CSD schools.

    And dont worry, I'm just crying wolf like you seen me doing all these years.


  6. Richard,

    You are confusing us...the pictures you displayed in your website is for Riverside, not Fremont or the links you want us to read is not about Rachel Stone. Check your comment,or pictures, or links before sending them out to us to read... right now they are not newsworthy to us!

  7. don't know what the heck you're talking about. Who, pray tell, who are old guards? pls tell who
    they're. Oh, now I remmy. AGB is
    old guard, grinning.

  8. Old deaf guards were very visible at the recent CAD conference, they were also very visible at the ASL Expo down here, They were very visible at Mata Expo, and they were very visible at the Deaf Senior Conference in northern California.

    The old deaf guards are much much more than just alive and kicking!


  9. Thank God I do not live in California.

  10. I don't mean to sound so obnoxious or rude but this is something that you need, as a deaf community, to have a good command of the knowledgeability or intelligence surrounding the California deaf education system.

    The old deaf guards have been too busy pushing the deaf communities backwards they fail to perceive things like OConnell's plans.

    And now they have nothing concrete to show the deaf community as they, as they are, are of any benefit to the state California.

    So makes it easy for the state to encourage improvements in the California deaf communities. And improvements usually begins with big changes.