Thursday, January 17, 2008

If you have an ADA Title II & III complaint, FILE IT YOURSELF!

Lets not rely on the larger deaf organizations. The recent settlement one such organization got for us actually cheapened the value of the deaf community.

The link to the forms/procedures are right here;

Title II :

Title III :

Improve the value of the deaf community, file the complaints yourself!

Dont make the mistake of selling out the deaf community though these large deaf organizations!

Richard Roehm


  1. Appreciate the links to info about filing ADA complaints.

    Curios where does it says people usually get $150,000 when they win or settle an ADA complaint? I want to file a complaint and get $150,000 so need to know where it says I should get $150,000.

  2. richard,

    can you give me the link (url address) where you get the information about $7,500 each claim of patient and parent for settlement by nad?

    btw, how do you figure out the settlement that value should be $150,000?


  3. The mediation or court will decide what is appropriate amount. I never seen $100K or more in settlement. If the case went to trial and that may happen but very rarely they get that much.

    The average settlement ranges from posting interpreter information on the admitting intake office to x amount of dollars.

    Settlement is different than going to a trial.

  4. The case that NAD settled on or around 1994 for $150,000.00 was published in the Silent News and I'll dig into the pile of deaf newspapers from the past and scan the article.

    This also goes to tell you how weak NAD's advocacy resources has become.

    Paying them dues isnt going to change the way they do things. We need to see a major overhaul at NAD.


    is where you'll learn of the cheap settlement.

  6. Hardy,

    Thank you for your comment.

    The ABA has a pro-bono requirement and deaf people need to learn to tap into these types of resources to create the full deterrence.

    NAD can do a lot better than this.


  7. The Department of Justice is the entity that investigates these claims to enforce the ADA. along with compensatory relief, the Justice department can impose a penalty, which is not as great a few thousand dollars mostly.

    Another look at the statue posted on Cornell Law School