Saturday, October 14, 2006

Time to nip the old deaf guard problem

The old deaf guards only represent the last 2% of the entire deaf society. They have brought scourge upon deaf people. Theyre not worth your time anymore. Theyre not worth occupying Gallaudet University space any more either. It's time to sweep the old deaf guards off the Gallaudet campus, off the face of the deaf society.

Excellent examples of the scourge from the old deaf guards can be found in one of Tom Bertling's published books.

Looking at this particular book, American Sign Language: Shattering the Myth,

You can see stories of scourge casted upon prominent deaf leaders and inspirational deaf people by the old deaf guards. Even some of the scourge took place on Gallaudet University.

Let's all pay good homage to deaf leaders who lives have been catastrophically altered after becoming victims of cyber-bullying, rumor attacks either via email, newsgroups, blogs, postings, websites, falsified restraining orders, vandalism, and through many other undue intimidating actions.

And let's work together at eliminating these sources of scourge within the deaf communities. And we can begin this at the Gallaudet University Campus. Lets sweep the old deaf guards off the campus this moment.

I'll be dealing with advertisers who buy ad spaces on the old deaf guard websites. They dont really support just the websites. They really support the terrorism and scourge the old deaf guards have brought upon many people. Time to nip this old deaf guard problem and the scourge they bring on people today!

Finally I wish Jane all the best, as she begins her journey as the the main compass of the university, that she has the strength and courage to bounce off the storms of flak and scourge coming from the old deaf guards and the dissent.

Richard Roehm
Chief Executive Officer
Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center

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