Monday, October 30, 2006

Their victory, our goldmine

My words to the deaf leaders who are saddened by the loss of Jane Fernandes as next president of Gallaudet University, is to go on with your good deeds, do your business in areas not readily accessible to the old deaf guards. The 98% of the deaf society is on our side. Time is on our side and the old deaf guards will be paying a big price for their small victory yesterday.

We can capitalize on this by showing the world that old deaf guards are very inflexible and non-inclusive which is a major turnoff to most grantmakers. Save the newspapers and the Gallaudet university press releases on Jane's termination and use them in your highly competitive grant writing.

If youre competing with a deaf organization or a deaf school for funds, use the blogs to see if the competition supports the protest and use that info in your grantwriting as proof of the old deaf guard's inflexibility toward people who represent the future of deaf society. You will win easily.

The recent old deaf guard's victory at Gallaudet is our fundraising goldmine to use.


Richard Roehm

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