Saturday, February 13, 2016

Richard Roehm Memorial Ranch Blog for February 10th, 2016

Wednesday, February 10, 2016, 1915 hrs., 53 degree, clear sky, slightly wind.

Good evening!

Today is “a-okay” for me, but my cold “flu” is still stuck with me. I have to walk into the town until a good person with a Mercedes Benz gave me a ride to Wal-Mart halfway there, so I can get cat food (Only 4 lbs this time because it is hard for me to walk back with another 16 pounds bag), litter clay (4 pounds), 2 bottles of water and a soda and came back to the land with a ride again. I didn’t go to the post office today, because I just wanted to go Wal-Mart and come right back here and relax, napping for a while which I did. I don’t know why I am still “so” tired right now.

I can’t believes that 25 pounds bag of cat food were gone in less than 2 month, normally it should last 3 ½ months.

I have been hearing some “boomings” around that the U.S. Air Force practicing dropping 100 lbs of bombs.

Anyway, the weather is very nice today, around 70’s degrees, but hot in the RV. So I had to put a fan in the RV, but Solar Panel Battery doesn't work on the fan, however, the Astro van with engine running, works fine on the low setting for an hour and half, Medium or high setting does trip the red inverter. I also did crack some windows open for a while. I mentioned before I need a bigger and better battery for the solar panel. Oh well. Here’s the picture of the fan I took:

The Fam
Anyway, I noticed that Beth mentioned in her last video, hopefully we can get another camper or RV that’s better.
Pile of laminated wood

Few weeks ago, I mentioned in the blog about the laminated wood that I pulled out of the RV storage compartments. I fell it is an “eyesore” for me to leave it there for no reason. Here’s the picture:

I need to ask Beth if she would let me to burn it away from the RV in our land property, I found 5 different spots that I can choose from to burn it which it way away from the RV, van and trailer. I only will burn it when there is no strong wind one day. That way the “eyesore” will be gone!

So anyway since I am less emotionally, hopefully tomorrow morning, I can start pull out 2 eBay orders and get it ready to go to the Post Office and hopefully I can get back here fast as I could so I can start reorganizing between Astro van and trailer and start a video or two.

Well that’s about it for today.

Have a great day!

Bobby Fleener
General Manager, Richard Roehm Memorial Ranch
Vice President, Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center

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