Thursday, September 12, 2013

Important updates for September 2013


September 12th, 2013

We had a successful year at the Orange County Fair! We gave out over 1100 of our customized sign language booklets over the 23 day of the fair! We met new friends and caught up with old. We are now in the process of going through the requests that we collected and putting together the info about the Richard Roehm Memorial Ranch project. We are moving forward at an incredible speed. We do need to raise funds and if you have any money you can donate to help us move forward then that's great! We would love you to donate money, If you don't have money and still want to help I have great news! There are many other ways to help us.
  • We collect things! ink cartridges, toner cartridges, cell phones, digital cameras, gps, and Cambel"s Labels for Education. You can go around to your friends, family, and bushiness and collect these things for us.
  • Donate items: We take computers, cars, clothes, and many other items.
  • Use GoodSearch to benefit the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center, just go to and when it asks which charity you want to support type in Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center. The Firefox plugin works really well and I have raised over $1 using it for only some of my searches.
Want to know more? Reply to this email with your questions.
    Now for some important messages from our Vice President:

    Hi {FIRST_NAME|Valued Supporter},

    Ever since Beth has been illness for the past week and she has been in and out of her “Sleep Mode” and having few trips to hospital. She says she having severe flu and some says it’s “Valley Fever”. I have been taking over on her Behalf and it really getting me worn down because no one helping us!

    We all need to learn to work together as a “Team”. I have not been selling Oktoberfest since heat waves started. I MUST go back out to sell these tickets this weekend to keep fundraising going.

    We had good sales from our eBay store lately. 2 days ago we sold 4 single code wireless doorbells in 1 buyer which it is well over $220!


    Now let’s talk about our trailer. I went over to care center where our trailer is parked at and spoke to the administrator, Jon, he was nice enough to understanding our issues, my letter to him and Beth’s health issues. He said we have until end of October. If our trailer still there after end of October and he will towed it.

    Nita came by yesterday and she may have found a place for our trailer which it is bit further down on Washington Ave and it is easy for Sharky to and from to work on it. She said she will call Beth about it. However, Beth can’t talk due to fever, if Nita can call that place and let me know. I will be here most of the day today AND tomorrow.

    I would love to have it move the trailer tomorrow by 5 pm, Tawna who our driver maybe stopping by tomorrow. We will see.


    Now let talk about that we need volunteer for September 28 event. On August 31, Beth email to all volunteers in our Volunteers Groups newsletter. Beth need a driver who have Valid California DMV issue driver’s license, with clean driver’s record and criminal background who are be willing to be put on the agency vehicle insurance policy who can take Beth, Sharky and Robert to the deaf events and also we need driver with lots of space to move her stuff and arrangement for our Garage #5 to make some room in our garage. The largest item is a love seat couch. We would want to do this on a cooler day.

    For arrangement with this, please email directly to Beth at:

    [email protected]


    Now let’s talk about Tiller Days which it is coming soon, We need to make a list of what we need for our 3 days food booth operational which it will be start on October 4th to October 6th.

    What we are in needing of Hot dogs with buns, Nachos chips and 5 more cans of nachos cheese and chili, few bags of potatoes, donuts supplies with strawberry/mint sauce, lots of case of sodas (can) and water, bagged of chips, 2 tube of Folgers/Yuba coffee with packages of sugar, sweet n low with 10 oz of coffee cups with lids, creamer, stir sticks. I have my own coffee maker for this.

    We are looking for someone who can donate this to us and we have freezer for this, but we need to ask that the buns and chip to be arrive to us few days before Tillers Days start so it can stay fresh.

    Also we are looking for volunteer to drive to and from of our trailer and we also need volunteers to work with us to run this booth.

    If you have question or willing to help us out, please email directly to me at: [email protected] and I will make sure everything it stocked and scheduled it.


    Let talk about my French street office. I need 2 or 3 volunteers to work with me in my office on Monday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm to organize our office closet and/or our eBay warehouse.

    I also needing 2 volunteer to help us to do fundraising, I have lots of stuff here needs to sell to raise money.

    If you are willing to help me on this, please email directly to me.


    If you have ANY question, please do feel free to contact me.

    Thank you!

    Bobby Fleener
    Vice President / Manager
    Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center
    1001 N. French St., #8
    Santa Ana, CA 92701
    (714) 782-0721
    (714) 584-4394 (Text Only)
    (714) 975-8968 VP
    Tel: (714) 699-3323
    Fax: (949) 955-0054
    Email: [email protected]

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