Monday, June 03, 2013

Warning about money scam!

Yesterday, someone contacted me about a person on Facebook that claimed to work for the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center. The person said we were giving away money. To get the money your would have to send money. This is called a Nigerian Fee Scam. Do not send people money. When you send people money you must assume that you will never get it back. Do not use Western Union to send money.

The only reason to use Western Union is if you have a family member in trouble but do not listen to Facebook! If your family member or friend is able to go on Facebook then they can email or call. It is best to set up a safe word that only the family knows. Or ask the person a question only you and them would know the answer to.

Someone from the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center will always have the option to use their work address that ends in Please ask us to send an email form our work address to confirm we work here.

I am going to post the message here please do not try to contact this person He is a scammer (HE LIE FALSE SCAM CHEAT. NO MONEY SEND. YOU NO EMAIL.)

The following is what was sent:

"Hello to you, Let you know I got win money 350,000pounds cash from the ORANGE COUNTY DEAF ADVOCACY CENTRE Jackpot program for improve deaf peoples life. If you want win money too then I give you Agent E-mail to contact Agent Gary for winner money Email is gary.poole72@hotmail... I'm say Very big thank to Agent Gary Poole because Gary Poole is Agent Man work ORANGE COUNTY DEAF ADVOCACY CENTRE for help deaf peoples. He been help a lot of deaf peoples for winner and many deaf people already join winner and they got the money of 350,000.00Pounds for real it is not joke. I got my money already it is 350,000.00pounds because he been help me put my name join for winner the money from ORANGE COUNTY DEAF ADVOCACY CENTRE. I let you know that many deaf peoples over 12,000 deaf peoples got the money in the United Kingdom. ORANGE COUNTY DEAF ADVOCACY CENTRE really help make better life for deaf peoples. Gary is very good &nice man to help deaf peoples for put their name for join winner money 350,000pounds so you better email to Gary now Email is gary.poole72@hotmail... Tell him you want money 350,0000pounds please put your name for join. Let you know I paid all my bills& Also I buy new house in London few week ago, me & my family are holiday now so we no more stress our life. E-mail to Gary now tell him please put you want money 350,000pounds. You let me know what he say I give his E-mail again gary.poole72@hotmail... You have nice day."

Notice that he is using a hotmail address and not a address. Also he is talking about pounds the money they use in the UK, and he spelled our organization's name wrong. We are a USA based company and there for we spell "Centre" as Center. We do translate our name but never when using any form of English. We are always the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center.

Please be careful and forward any thing you have questions about to me. I will personally respond.

At your service,
Beth Koenig
Executive Director
[email protected]

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