Sunday, July 04, 2010

July 4th Message From Richard Roehm, CEO

Hi folks!

Happy 4th July!

I'm here in the Navajolands. We took a stop at Casa Grande, Arizona. I
recognized one of the hotels, The Casa Inn, there as one of OCDAC's customers
and went over to check on seeing if our ADA access kit is still being used
there. I sold them an ADA access kit 3 years ago. The manager there was the
one that ordered it. Tells me the ADA kit is a lifesaver to their business.
Talks about a hard of hearing diabetic who used their TTY to get replacement
insulin after her baggage was missing. The word of mouth from that diabetic
brought in more business to them.

How's that for positive impact on our ADA Hotel access advocacy! That's it. I
just want to share this great news with our subscribers. This is definitely the
"POP" that makes 4th of July a very happy day!

Don't forget to share this email with your friends, associates, and relatives.
We still have plenty of ADA kits for hotels, office, and boarding homes. Our
prices are very competitive. Our webstore can be found through a link I can
remember as and you will find great things that
people are saying good things about.

Again have a great and safe July 4!

I will return later this week.

Richard Roehm
Volunteer CEO
Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center

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