Thursday, April 09, 2009

Get Your Free Deaf Motorist Kit

With all the fresh buzzing going on in the deaf blogs over negative experiences between deaf motorists and law enforcement, lets take this opportunity to re-introduce our Free Deaf Motorist Kits that we've been offering since 2003.

This Free Deaf Motorist Kit is developed by people who are actively involved in the education and enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This product is developed by people that knows what officers expect, lawyers expect, and judges expect of deaf motorists.

What gives this Free Deaf Motorist Kit it's teeth are items that are required to be placed in it. Items such as your driver identification information, vehicle registration, doctor or audiologist note, driver liability insurance info, and local interpreter information. Just everything that an officer needs to realize your need for communication assistance. Just everything a lawyer needs to build a strong ADA case for you if the officer fails to accommodate your communication needs. Just everything a judge needs to lean in your favor when your lawyer brings it to court. And the federal codes used in this kit are applicable to all states and US territories that are already covered by the ADA.

And assembling the Free Deaf Motorist Kit yourself is easy with a checklist of items needed to complete it. Fill in the blanks. Store it in your glove compartment or any other reachable location in the vehicle. When an officer pulls you over just hand him/her the kit along with your driver's identification card. He or she 'will' be happy you did.

Unlike the "Deaf Caution" scam, one of the best parts of this kit is it's FREE! No memberships needed, no obligation to part your hard earned money to us or anyone else to preserve your rights. No annual fees either! We simply give you the Deaf Motorist Kit FREE and that's it! That's what Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center is about, improving the safety of our deaf motorists.

The actual outcome between you and the officer depends on factors such as the reason for pulling you over, your attitude to the officer, sobriety issues, warrants, etc. This kit is not intended to help you get away with breaking the law. This kit will not prevent you from getting a ticket or arrested. The purpose of this kit is to adequately inform the officer of your hearing and/or speech disability, your communication needs, and to help him or her locate communication assistance services in your area.

Grab your free copy of our deaf motorist kit at

Have a safe and happy drive!

Richard Roehm

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