Friday, March 13, 2009

A Failure In ASL Education

I was recently asked to assist a deaf webmaster to develop a letter he/she can use to send to people asking for financial support. The letter below is the example he sent to me. I can see why this person wasn't able to get any sponsorships. The letter below represents the result of the failed sign language based education system we have been feeding, as in funding, for too long. This is the result of the taxpayers $800,000.00 that was spent to teach this person sign language. The person can't succeed because he/she wasn't taught the right language. That's a $800,000.00 waste of taxpayers money you're seeing here. Getting this deaf person to hear and speak would have cost far less than $100,000.00 and would have made a better writer than what you see in the letter below.

I've been seeing a lot of examples like this and feel it's high time we start teaching deaf children the right language. It's high time we stop funding the failed sign language based education programs for the deaf and start funding programs that teach deaf children the right language. Lets do that so we dont have to see more letters like below.

Richard Roehm

(I have removed identifying components to spare this writer additional embarrassment)


Thank you for your time to read this.

Dear Company,

We are here to request the partnership with your company to be part of our website to expand the bandwidth and announcement, we tends to earn 40 to 50 visitors a day for our website attendant. So our partnership is with you will be wonderful experience.

The problem- We don’t have enough bandwidth and profits. We need some partnership to help us to grow the business to be successful to become world-wide directory in the future for the deaf and hard of hearing community. We could help you to attract the visitors to your website if you are become our partner and help us out. Give us some profits and attention to our website for trade.

The Solution- The visitors will attract to your website and business. Any order to your website can be helping us out too. Our profits and business, we just started our website in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to help the deaf and hard of hearing people to find the thing more easier in our website, we provide the information that deaf and hard of hearing can find and interested in. The CEO/Founder and the webmaster, we are the team to keep the website running since xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. We are forwarding to have the partnership with your company to keep our website running and expanding to become world wide directory in the future to help the deaf and hard of hearing to find the information easily. Our url:, you may check us out and give you some considering to become our partner In the future.

Thank you for your time to read this again.
contact us via the email- [email protected]
Hope you have some thoughts about this.

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