Wednesday, January 28, 2009

$819 Billion Stimulus Package Contains Many Disability-Related Provisions

The $819 billion stimulus package that passed the house today contains money for the disabled. There had been sensational rumors flying about in the disability communities that the bill had nothing for the disabled.

The bill also provides these disability related provisions;

$87 billion to states for a temporary increase in the Federal Medicaid matching rate (FMAP).

$13 billion for IDEA state grants, to increase funding for special education.

$600 million for IDEA Early Intervention.

$500 million for the Vocational Rehabilitation state grant.

A one time $450 (individuals)/$630 (couples) payment to all SSI recipients ($4.2 billion total).

$6 billion for broadband and wireless services in underserved areas.

$200 million for state formula grants for Centers for Independent Living.

$900 million to improve the Social Security Administration claims process and computerization upgrades.

$6.5 billion for several low income housing initiatives.

Therefore ignore any rumors flying around that the stimulus bill that was passed today contains nothing for the disabled.

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