Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nothing Wrong With Deaf People Wanting To Hear

This is rather a graphic video of a lady who just faced the ugly wrath, disrespect, and the scourge of the ASL extremists in the deafvideotv website. The only thing she did was get a cochlear implant.

My heart goes to her and my respect goes to her too for wanting to hear and for getting the cochlear implant. The video above is her response to the ugly colors of the ASL extremists who dont want deaf people to hear.

Not long afterwards she made another video of her intent to leave deafvideotv.

I dont blame her for making that video blog too. In fact I encourage her and other people to leave deafvideotv because its a dark coven of ASL extremists. And time and evolution is doing it's best to get rid of them for us.

And for this lady, she has my respect and she's a blue ribbon vlogger at the Hearing For Life Foundation website.

She's one of my heroes!


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  1. I'm proud of that girl who speak up about wearing cochlear implant. Just because she want to hear! Nothing to be shame about. I'm 47 years old and I have cochlear implant for 9 years now. I love it. Don't mean I'm any less deaf. It is true that deaf people criticized about cochlear implant. Try criticism Michael Jackson, Is he black or white? We know he is black. I know who iam. In my heart, I will always labeled myself deaf in my heart but I love to hear. Tell the girl, Just ignore the deaf people who have nothing to do but to complain about cochlear implant. they are no better.