Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Project Enableworks

Project “Enableworks”

A one stop center for people with disabilities offering the following;

1) Social service assistance

2) Education

3) Manufacturing and employment

4) Housing and assisted living

5) Healthcare and physical therapy meeting place

6) Recreational activities

7) Social activities

8) Outreach activities

9) Rescue and shelter

The one stop center would be a large apartment building several floors high and each floor will house a particular age group with a few multipurpose rooms in each floor for certain activities.

The building itself will be made accessible to U.S. ADAAG guidelines such as ramps, elevators, signal notification systems, adaptive technology, and other modifications needed to sustain the independence of people with disabilities.

The one stop center is needed because people with disabilities oftentimes face barriers and difficulties in transportation. If we can have everything in one place, we can eliminate one of the biggest worries faced by people with disabilities and their families.

Possible outcomes from the project;

1) Increase in morale

2) Improvements in individual safety, health, and productivity

3) Improvements in independent living skills and knowledge

4) Improvements in relations with local governments and general public

5) International prestige for compassion toward people with disabilities

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  1. Where's the contest to be held? The location is the key for me to consider.