Friday, May 25, 2007


While we applaud and commend deaf groups for establishing group homes and rehabilitiation centers exclusively for the deaf communities, we must frown at the idea of isolating members of the deaf communities from the general hearing society.

Isolating deaf people from the general hearing society goes a long way to hurt our status as first class citizens.

The reason we won the deal to refit over 150 drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilites with access equipment for the deaf is we are believers of integration and inclusivity of deaf people into the general hearing society.

We also have plans to expand this out to domestic violence shelters, children homes, and homeless shelters. Our goal, which we believe is entirely achievable, is to replace deaf isolation with deaf inclusion.

The results of our beliefs in inclusion, and of our actions in the long run, we're helping deaf people contribute and share their lives, skills, hopes, vision, and talents directly with the larger hearing society.

We are an agency unlike any other with outreach programs and policy serving our prime purpose : absolute triumph over isolation in our general society.

By so doing, our agency is helping deaf people re-establish their rightful place in society as first class citizens.