Sunday, April 01, 2007

Text Messenger 'Walkee-Talkees' have finally arrived!

Deaf people can wirelessly instant message their friends, their bosses, their doctors, and attorneys. These devices are an incredible breakthrough in technology and cost for face-to-face communication equipment. These small hand held infared based devices can send and receive text messages makes them perfect for face-to-face communication.

Why should people spend almost $2,000 for a pair of face-to-face communication devices when they can get it for less than $50!

This had been the last dream of the late Morton Warnow who believed that deaf people can and should communicate with the hearing people in English. We at Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center are proud to be the ones to live up his last dream of introducing face-to-face communication equipment that is hardly burdensome to obtain. We took over Morton Warnow's mission with the promise to live up his dream and we've succeeded!

And this is very strong and very powerful advocacy on our part.

Richard Roehm

Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center

Modern Deaf Communication


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  3. It is very unfortunate that others are trying to distort the truth with the previous. The real truth is Morton Warnow has been pioneering this concept since the 70's and his ideas were trashed. Recently with changes in deaf society makes it ripe for old trashed ides to become reality and Morton's dream is for a communication device that is less burdensome.

  4. Yes, this is very exciting technology. I have had the chance to use it and I think it will be a big hit with children because of its small size and portability. Kids can now communicate with their friends in a commonly used format. This is truly a great breakthrough and I think Morton would be happy.

  5. Pix of it open:

    I suspect both messengers require direct line of sight for both to work/communicate with each other.

  6. Yes they require line of sight as they use IR ( infrared ).

  7. Is it possible for you to do little video demo and show us via youtube?

  8. I'll make a demo as soon as I have the time.