Saturday, May 06, 2006

OCDAC Newsletter May 6, 2006

Dear Friends,

Congratulations Jane Fernandes for making it to the top throne of
Gallaudet University. Jane was probably the most qualified and the
most safest choice for the university.

And the expected protests have been largely limited to peaceful
marches, rallies, photos, videos, and online communications with a
handful of people blocking the gates using U-Haul trucks since they
have difficulties mustering up the bodies due homework and due to the
final exams. Moreover, new and interesting facts about Gallaudet's
financial dealings have been surfacing lately and are giving rise to
possible perversion within the Gallaudet University hierarchy. The
protesters are busy digging up a lot of interesting information about
Gallaudet that have not been previously known to the public and that
too will contribute to a lot of interesting news from the school in
the near future.

We have began on our giant Orange County Fair educational booth
testing to be done at the Rossmoor Family Picnic for this upcoming
summer. This year's theme is 'Flower Power' and its a very retro
theme. And it also means a lot of pink!

Our new ASL classes start in this week. Please take a look at our
ASL Class flyer and tell your friends, associates, and relatives about
it. Http://

Next week Macy's Community Shopping Day 2006, an in-store shopping
event and fundraiser for charities in the Orange County community,
will be held on May 12, 2006 at Macy's South Coast Plaza. The money
will be used for operating expenses and the fees for our Orange County
fair fundraiser stand which is expected to be around $900 plus the
cost of insurance. We need to sell 8 more tickets to qualify for the
share of the Macy's fundraiser pot.

This issue is probably the largest issue ever released because there
is so much community input going on into this newsletter thus making
this one of the real voices of the deaf communities.

OCDAC Communications
[email protected]

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The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center is having it's first annual
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California. To find out more or to sponsor one of our walkers go to To walk in the event go to
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This weekly newsletter will soon be available in print form to be
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We have started a Campbell's product label collection campaign to help
us raise the means to get supplies for our office Start saving your
campbells product labels today and mail them to us on the first week
of each month. We have aproximately 1050 subscribers and if each one
of them accumulates and sends us 900-1000 labels a month, we'd be able
to get lots of new equipment for our office and internal and external
education programs! Lets get those labels coming, the program ends in
June. Our big thanks to those who sent in their labels.

Drastic Social Security rule changes for Title II Old Age, Survivors,
and Disability Insurance and SSI programs renews our calls for
self-reliance ideas for organizations who serve the deaf and disabled
and our very own idea, our California Disability Gaming Initiative
idea and that can be found at is an idea that
works for Native Americans. Why shouldn't it work for the Disability
communities? The proposed Social Security rules will limit appeals
and create a new process that is less about truth-seeking and more
hostile to applicants.

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Take a look at our new magazine fundraiser and this is one of the ways
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Knife-slinging woman in wheelchair dies from police Taser
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Gallaudet University names Dr. Jane K. Fernandes President
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Man with prosthetic legs, deaf man brawl
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The Orange County American Sign Language Meetup Group - - and the he Orange County Deaf & Hearing
Impaired Meetup Group meets each 3rd
Fridays of the month.

Come to our meetup on Friday May 19, 2006.

The Orange County American Sign Language & Orange County Deaf &
Hearing Impaired Meetup.

Friday, May 19, 7:00 PM

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
17595 Harvard Ave #B
Irvine, CA
(949) 660-1332

Meet the 2 meetups!
Beginning May a $2.00 donation suggested per person to help us cover
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We have been considering using our office, especially the classroom,
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The food table will have cold drinks, danish pastry, popcorn, veggies
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Come learn ASL while playing bingo!


May 27, 2006
4pm to 8pm
$1 per card per game – 7 cards for $5
Great Prizes! Players must be at least 18 years of age.


For more info contact [email protected]


Our next SSP training class is on June 10, 2006 from 12 noon to 5 pm.

This is for people interested in working with the Deaf-Blind. The
class will take place in our classroom at 2960 Main Street A102 ,
Irvine, CA 92614

There is a fee of $20 for this 5 hour workshop as we have to pay for
the room use and printing of the handbook and other materials.

This class is required to work with our Deaf-Blind clients. Please
contact me with any questions.

Beth Koenig
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We are having two 2 hour FREE educational seminars to our community

Disaster preparedness
May 27, 2006, 10 am – 12 Noon and 1pm – 3pm

Getting the most from your Sidekick
June 24, 2006, 10 am – 12 Noon and 1pm – 3pm

Healthy Hands and Eyes workshop
August 26, 2006, 10 am – 12 Noon and 1pm – 3pm

Dealing with creditors
September 30, 2006, 10 am – 12 Noon and 1pm – 3pm

Deaf motorist safety
October 28, 2006, 10 am – 12 Noon and 1pm – 3pm

Deaf employment rights
November 25, 2006, 10 am – 12 Noon and 1pm – 3pm

Safety at home
December 30, 2006, 10 am – 12 Noon and 1pm – 3pm

Classes take place at the OCDAC classroom. RSVP is required and 8
students maximum per class. Reply back with reservation choices. And
the seminars are always FREE.


California School for the Deaf, Riverside presents 2nd Annual Paws
Movie Night

With Movie Judges:

Bernard Bragg- Actor
CJ Jones- Producer
Ty Giordano-Actor
Julie Rems- DeafHope Executive Director
Eric Calbert- Video Production Specialist

Thursday, May 18, 2006 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm (voice interpreted)

CSDR Social Hall
3044 Horace Street
Riverside, CA 92506

Email: [email protected]
Limited seats-First come first serve
Admissions: $5.00
Tickets: Buy at TV Class
6 Short Movies by Students

Rating: PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned. Some May be inappropriate
for Children Under 13.
Some Language And Sexual Content.

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May Relay Review Newsletter
May 3, 2006
April Totals

Agents (26 April/228 Total)
Provider (April/Total)
1. Sorenson (15/60)
2. IP-Relay (7/52)
3. Hamilton (2/42)
4. HOVRS (1/22)
5. CSD (0/15)
6. Sprint (0/14)
7. CAC (1/10)
8. AT&T (0/7)
9. i711 (0/6)

Ratings (29 April/253 Total)
Provider (April/Total)
1. Sorenson (15/62)
2. IP-Relay (7/55)
3. CAC (3/17)
4. HOVRS (2/27)
5. Hamilton (2/43)

Top Ranked for December 2005-April 2006 (Average Rating/Calls Rated)
1. CAC (4.60)
2. HOVRS (4.43)
3. i711 (4.33)
4. AT&T (4.30)
5. Sprint (4.18)
6. IP-Relay (4.09)
7. Sorenson (4.03)
8. Hamilton (3.98)
9. CSD (3.92)

Page Visits


For Immediate Release:
News Media Contact:
May 3, 2006
Rosemary Kimball at (202) 418-0511

e-mail: [email protected]


Commission Also Asks for Comment on How Hearing Callers Can Reach VRS
Providers And On Whether Speech Internet Protocols Should Be Adopted
for VRS Equipment.

In response to a petition by the California Coalition of Agencies
Serving the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, the FCC has found that all VRS
consumers must be able to place a VRS call through any VRS provider's
service, and all VRS providers must be able to receive calls from, and
make calls to, any VRS consumer. The Commission also determined that
restricting the use of a provider's VRS service so that consumers
cannot access other VRS providers is inconsistent with the functional
equivalency mandate, the public interest and the intent of Congress.

VRS is a form of the Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) that
enables persons who use American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate
with voice telephone users. Video equipment links the VRS user with a
relay operator – called a "communications assistant" (CA) – so that
the VRS user and the CA can see and communicate with each other in
ASL. The CA translates the signed language into spoken language for
the hearing party on the call. Because of its speed, VRS has become
an enormously popular form of TRS.

In its Declaratory Ruling, the Commission declared it inconsistent
with the notion of functional equivalency to require VRS consumers to
have multiple sets of equipment to be connected to multiple providers.
It noted that public safety concerns are raised when a consumer has
VRS equipment that can be used only with one provider's service.

In an accompanying Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, the
Commission asked for comment on the creation of an open and global
database of proxy numbers for VRS consumers, so that that a hearing
person may call a VRS consumer more easily. The Commission also asked
for comment on whether it should adopt specific Internet protocols or
standards to ensure interoperability.

Action by the Commission May 3, 2006, by Declaratory Ruling and NPRM
(FCC 06-57). Chairman Martin, Commissioners Copps, Adelstein and Tate
with separate statements being issued by Chairman Martin and
Commissioners Copps, Adelstein and Tate

- FCC -

FCC Contact: Greg Hlibok at (202) 418-8124c(voice); (202) 418-0431 (TTY)

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NAD Fulton III Committee Seeks Feedback on Recommendations

The Fulton III Committee recently completed its Proposed Vision for
2020 and Strategic Recommendations. To view the document as a webpage
go to :

The Fulton III Committee wants your feedback on the Proposed Vision
2020 and Strategic Recommendations from all who have an interest in
the future of the NAD.

NAD members, State Association affiliates and their membership,
Organizational affiliates, and youth members (i.e., Junior NAD,
Collegiate NAD, YLC alumni, Miss Deaf America alumni), as well as
loyal donors and friends of the NAD are invited to share their input.

Please submit your input via the Fulton III Online Feedback Form

About the Fulton III Committee

The Fulton III Committee was formed by the NAD Board in response to a
2002 NAD Conference resolution, to explore ways to restructure the NAD
as a federation, including, but not limited to, its board,
headquarters operations, membership, and representation with an eye to
long-term strategy. This includes ways to overhaul organizational
communications, member involvement, and outreach to the public.

For more information about the Committee please go to the F3 webpage


College Students With Disabilities And Hearing Loss Ready for Summer
and Full-Time Employment

WASHINGTON / Labor Dept / -The U.S. Department of Labor's Office
of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) is now offering a free database
of 1,900 qualified college students and recent graduates with
disabilities who seek summer and full-time employment. This CD-ROM
database can be used by employers to search from a pool of
pre-screened applicants from over 45 states and territories who have
skills in disciplines ranging from computer sciences and business to
communications, engineering, office administration and more.
"The Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) is an excellent resource
of well-educated and highly skilled job candidates for employers to
from," said Dr. W. Roy Grizzard Jr., assistant secretary for
disability employment policy. "The program also offers an opportunity
for college
students and graduates with disabilities to contribute their talents
to organizations large and small."
ODEP, in cooperation with the Department of Defense, is offering
the database of job seekers through its Workforce Recruitment
Program. The
program also fulfills President Bush's New Freedom Initiative pledge
to promote employment opportunities for people with disabilities
the nation.
Information about WRP is available by clicking on Workforce
Recruitment Program at:
and_hire/recruitment.htm or by calling (202) 693-7880. To request a
free copy of the entire WRP database on CD-ROM, send your name,
company name and mailing address to [email protected].
The Employer Assistance and Recruiting Network (EARN) is available
for employers who have job vacancies and are actively looking to find
recruit qualified workers with disabilities in their localities. EARN
is also able to provide support, technical assistance and employee
screening for the WRP database CD-ROM. EARN can be reached at
1-866-Earn Now (1-866-327-6669) or by clicking on Employer Assistance
and Recruiting
Network at
More information about ODEP can be found at its Web site at, and a cross-governmental portal of comprehensive
disability-related information can be found at

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Please visit our bookstore that has related books and different kinds
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-------------< OUTSIDE NEWS PART 2/3 >

Daylong event to benefit deaf girl
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-------------< ADVOCACY NEWS >

Open Letter to the Gallaudet University Board of Trustees,
Administration, Campus and External Community on the Gallaudet
Presidential Announcement

On Monday May 1, 2006, the Gallaudet University Board of Trustees
Interim Chair Celia May Baldwin announced its selection of Provost
Jane K. Fernandes as its 9th president. The announcement (see quoted Baldwin as
saying: "Jane has a deep understanding of how this university works,
having served in senior leadership positions here for more than a
decade." That same afternoon, Gallaudet students protested the
decision. Faculty and staff concerns are also surfacing. The NAD has
all along been communicating with students, faculty, staff, and alumni
– and others having a vested interest in Gallaudet University. We
stand with these concerned stakeholders, who sincerely believe that
they are not being respected nor heard.

Last October, the NAD Board of Directors wrote an Open Letter to the
Gallaudet Board of Trustees (see In that letter, the
NAD Board noted the long-standing and positive relationship between
the NAD and Gallaudet. The letter continued by articulating priorities
and principles important to the NAD. Among those were that
Gallaudet's next president be an individual who can sustain
Gallaudet's historic role as a "beacon of hope for all deaf citizens
in the world" and who has "a deep understanding of the challenges
faced by deaf people every day in this country and worldwide". The
Open Letter added that "the next president must also be a visionary in
promoting academic excellence, as well as committed to diversity in
hiring and promoting qualified deaf administrators, faculty, and staff

The NAD also brought together, in a December 2005 a round table with
four individuals who represent different segments of our large and
diverse community (see who
expressed their hopes and expectations for Gallaudet.

Last month, the NAD wrote a second Open Letter (see In that communication,
which was addressed to the Gallaudet University Search Committee,
Board of Trustees, campus community and the larger deaf and hard of
hearing community, the NAD noted the fact that all three finalists
were deaf individuals with records of distinction. This second letter
referenced the role of the NAD in advocating for a deaf president even
before and during the historic Deaf President Now events of 18 years
ago ( The NAD urged the Trustees to
appoint as the next president, a person "able to unite the community
behind a common vision and inspire individuals and groups both on and
off campus to reach for a noble cause bigger than any single person or
issue." Further, the NAD urged stakeholders to closely scrutinize
each candidate according to the Presidential qualifications and
expectations as outlined by the search committee—and to communicate
their expectations and views to the committee and the Trustees.

We recognize the tremendous level of unrest this week on and off
campus. We believe that current furor is fueled by disconnect between
the stated goals of the University and the actions of the
administration. Specifically, we are troubled by growing evidence
that the final decision by the Board of Trustees may not reflect
deeply felt values of students, faculty, alumni, and other community
stakeholders – values arising from Gallaudet's unique place in our
community and articulated in our previous open letters, as well as in
the Presidential Agenda outlined by the Trustees (see Tumultuous and
rapidly spreading undercurrents among the students and the campus
community also seem to be influenced by ongoing issues related to a
lack of diversity within campus, distrust of the current
administration, perceived low academic expectations, and poor
community morale. Progress is also being restrained by the twin chains
of bigotry – audism and racism – which deserve attention and action.

We also recognize the unique role of a University community in
promoting freedom of speech, respect for diversity, support for
vigorous debate, and tolerance for the exercising of civility in
response to dissent and strongly expressed discourse. At this time,
discussion is warranted and should be not only tolerated, but
encouraged. The current unrest reflects the deeply felt values
assigned to Gallaudet by students, faculty, staff, alumni and other
community stakeholders, values the NAD and others in the national and
worldwide community of deaf and hard of hearing people also hold
dear. Gallaudet acknowledged, and expressed commitment to such values
in the announcement of the search. There, the University stated that
it was eager to identify a president with the abilities to "ensure
full access and open communication throughout the University." The
Trustees also set as a qualification the ability to "lead the entire
Gallaudet community and its students (K-12 and college level) through
times of crisis and challenge."

Accordingly, the NAD calls upon the Gallaudet University Board of
Trustees, President I. King Jordan, and Provost Jane K. Fernandes to
take corrective action with courage and wisdom to resolve in a
positive manner the growing discord, divisiveness and disconnect on
and off campus. Such decisive action would begin the healing process
and enable all involved to move forward. The current leadership must
move expeditiously to "unite the community behind a common vision and
inspire individuals and groups both on and off campus to reach for a
noble cause bigger than any single person or issue."

Members of the NAD and its supporters are deeply concerned that if
this crisis is not resolved immediately and decisively by Gallaudet
University, there would be increased risk for long term and permanent
impact in the areas of recruitment, enrollment and financial giving.

The NAD is determined to stand firm for the cherished values of our
community and for the well-being of the world's only liberal arts
university for deaf and hard of hearing people. This is precisely why
the NAD stands with Gallaudet students and the entire community in
retaining the true greatness of Gallaudet University and the hope it
represents to the nation and the world.


Andrew J. Lange
National Association of the Deaf

-------------< DEAF QUOTES >

"You should believe that you can do something and have the courage to
try." George Magnum (Deaf Wheel of Fortune player)
"He (Martin Luther King) did so much in order for us to be recognized
as human beings. His deeds prove that minorities can reach their
dreams" Fred Beam, NTID Graduate.

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Do you shop at Albertsons or Sav-on stores? You can get a free
community partners card at those stores and then add it to our list of
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are supporting, don't worry, you can add your card to support our
program too! There are two ways to add your card. You can email your
First and Last name with your phone number and community partners card
number to [email protected] or you can download and print our
Albertsons / Sav-on Community Partners signup forms at and have
your friends, neighbors, associates, and relatives sign up as
supporters and then mail the form to the address on the form. To reach
our funding goal we need 25,000 supporters who shop at Albertsons /
Sav-on. And remember to use your community partners card when you shop
at Albertsons or Sav-on.

-------------< COMMUNITY BULLHORN >

PRESS RELEASE - May 6, 2006


( to translate this material in your language, please visit )




New York, USA - In the wake of the ongoing students' protest at
Gallaudet University this Ombudsman has been receiving interesting
communication messages from concerned persons.

These persons, among the other things, asked the questions such as:

What is the role of Irving King Jordan, the outgoing Gallaudet
University President with the CISS and Deaflympics?

What kind of relationship does Irving King have with the top CISS
functionaires Jerald Jordan and Donalda Ammons?

Are Irving King Jordan and Jerald Jordan related to each other by blood?

How does this Ombudsman perceive yesterday's signing of the petition
by Ammons to oppose Irving King's influence and his hardly-fought
appointment of Jane Fernandes as a new Gallaudet University President?

By signing this petition, has Ammons shown her loyalty, solidarity and
support for the now-embattled Irving King Jordan and Jane Fernandes?

Well, this Ombudsman, himself a 1979 graduate of Gallaudet and
frequent traveler to the CISS Congresses and Deaflympics, must openly
and bluntly state that Dr. Irving King Jordan and Dr. Jerald Jordan
are long-time comrades and that the two, however, are not related by
their bloods at all. The two Jordans have also been closely associated
with Dr. Donalda Ammons in the last several years.

To demonstrate how excessively close the two Jordans are to each
other, let me present the three randomly selected facts.

Fact Number One: On June 20,1996 America's capital - Washington, D.C.
- was the site of the Olympic Torch Relay event, in which the two deaf
persons Irving King and Jerald were selected to make their Torch Relay

How the two, especially Jerald, received such an honor to run?

In front of me is the recent March 8, 2006 issue of the Gallaudet
University student publication called The Buff and Blue. In its story
headlined THE SECRETS OF HIS SUCCESS, its author Donald Tropp, after
his interview session with Irving King and his wife Linda, revealed
about how Irving King, a very devoted and caring friend of Jerald,
convinced the 1996 Olympic Torch Relay organizers to include Jerald to
make a run.

Here is an excerpt of the story:

"King and Linda agree one of their best moments came during the 1996
Olympics. King was asked to carry the torch up 8th Street to
Gallaudet. He accepted, but later received an invitation to bring the
torch to the White House instead. He said he would do it on one
condition: that another deaf person could carry the torch to
Gallaudet. The White House refused to grant his request, so King
declined their offer and hung up. "If I did not know who would carry
the torch to Gallaudet, I would rather do it myself," King explains.
But he got a callback. The White House relented, and Jerald Jordan (
no relation ), former Deaflympics president, took King's place. He
remembers seeing Jerald run from 8th street to Gallaudet. " I never
saw a smile so big, "he recalls."

Fact Number Two: On March 7, 1999 as a CISS Chairman-founder of the
annual Deaf World Athlete of the Year International Awards Commission,
I played a visible role at the special banquet in honor of the 75
Anniversary of the CISS held in Davos, Switzerland. Before the start
of the banquet, there I met and conversed with the broadly-smiling and
elegantly-dressed couple - Irving King and Linda. They also attended
this banquet as special guests of honor and there, among the other
things, the two told me, that since 1989 they make every effort to
attend every CISS Games. They do so in honor of their very dear and
very beloved friend Jerald Jordan!"

Fortunately, in my own possession I have a videotape of this event in

Fact Number Three: On March 1, 2006 the city of Salt Lake City, Utah,
hosted the 2007 Winter Deaflympics Press Conference. There Irving King
had the opportunity to give his speech at the podium, in which he
publicly invoked and brought up the name of his "very close pal Jerald
- or "JJ" - in front of the event's attendees." At that Press
Conference, Irving King, also showcased himself and Gallaudet as the
strong financial backers of the 2007 Games.

For details, click

As for Dr. Jane Fernandes' support for Jerald, some two months ago,
for example, one deaf man from Canada sent his letter to Fernandes,
the soon-would-to-be new Gallaudet President-appointee, which was

To review this letter, visit

This Ombudsman was able to get in touch with the Canadian man who
informed that Fernandes acknowledged the receipt of his letter and
that Fernandes totally disagreed with his idea of possible revoking of
a honorary degree from Jerald and that Fernandes still spoke very
positively of Jerald.

Thus, it can now clearly be seen and concluded that Irving King,
Jerald and Fernandes are real cronies, period.

Now, let's focus on what kind of relationship the two Jordans and
Fernandes have had with Ammons on or before May 1, 2006, the date
Fernandes was named as Gallaudet's 9th President and in which unrest
among Gallaudet students has erupted at its campus' premises.

The two Jordans, especially Jerald did everything possible in order to
ensure that his "heir apparent" and "female crony" - Ammons - would
win her election as the new CISS President at the recent 39th CISS
Congress held in Australia.

By the way, Jerald, in his self interest and to the huge detriment of
the deaf international sports, was the prime mastermind of the
election fraud scheme at the Congress, in which nearly 270 voting
ballots were missing or went unused.

Because this Ombudsman has been an outspoken advocate for just and
equal rights for every deaf athlete and because he filed his lawsuits
vs.Jerald and Ammons, Jerald and Ammons were the ones to institute
their reprisals or Gestapo-type tactics vs. this Ombudsman: twice they
called upon the service of local policemen and agents to arrest -
albeit, unsuccessfully - this Ombudsman in 2003 in Sweden and in 2005
in Australia.

( Could it be possible that Irving King learned directly from Jerald
and Ammons to use such reprisal or Gestapo-type tactics vs. the
protesting and outspoken students at Gallaudet now? )

Since 2001 and till now, the two - Irving King and Fernandes - have
also covertly provided their unequivocal and biased support for Ammons
in her legal battles vs. this Ombudsman. Moreover, Irving King and
Fernandes in 2004 did not take any action against its Gallaudet staff
member - Ammons - when Ammons chose to unethically use the official
Gallaudet stationery for her personal litigation defense. That is,
Ammons, a defendant, wrote her letter with a Gallaudet letterhead to a
Court Judge in spite of the fact that Gallaudet University was not
specifically named as the lawsuit party at all

Since 1995, the year Ammons began her work for the CISS, both Irving
King and Fernandes have closed up their eyes by permitting Ammons to
utilize Gallaudet's facilities, in which she performed her
non-Gallaudet and CISS-related work most of the time at the campus.

On May 2, 2006 a Gallaudet University President Search Process
petition drive has begun to function. It lists the two demands:

- have Presidential Search Process re-opened, and

- no reprisals for students, staff, faculty and alumni.

As of today, there are over 3,000 petition signatories.

Naturally, this petition is a very bad, embarrassing and humiliating
document for both Irving King and Fernandes.

But the most unthinkable and unbelievable thing with this petition is
that a crony of the three ( i.e., for Irving King, Jerald and
Fernandes ) - Ammons is listed as the number 2,102 signee of this

Furthermore, Ammons' numerous deaf family members, including her deaf
father and two deaf sisters, have also signed the petition, which is
literally tantamount to the coming and disgraceful ousting of Irving
King's "heir apparent" and "female crony" - Fernandes - from the
Gallaudet Presidency.

If this happens, Irving King's personal and professional reputation (
also Fernandes' ) among the masses - deaf and non-deaf - will be
ruined for good!

In light of Ammons' petition signing, it is still unclear as to how
Irving King, Jerald and Fernandes are feeling about this highly
unusual act by Ammons?

Has the still unconstitutionally-elected President of the CISS -
Ammons - betrayed them, has not she?

In retrospect, after my long friendship with Ammons and by utilizing
my varied sports expertise services for her own gain and personal
career advancement, Ammons, all of a sudden, in 2001 betrayed this
Ombudsman by completely removing him from any suitable leadership
position in the CISS.

Is Ammons an unpredictable and pathological hypocrite or reputed
benefit taker?

Finally, it remains to be seen as to what kind of financial and moral
support Irving King and Gallaudet will provide to the organization of
the coming 16th Deaflympic Winter Games in Utah.

In the meantime, there are the two important news to share.

A second suspect in kidnapping/murder scheme of a deaf Russian citizen
and ex-litigant in the now-closed-Ammons-related case, Mr. Felix
Shlimovich, is being finally caught up in Moscow. Mr. Shlimovich and
his body has been missing since December 11, 2005. The investigation
is still on.

The discrimination lawsuit matter involving this Ombudsman and the USA
Deaf Sports Federation is still pending before the USA District Court
for the District of South Dakota in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. One of
the main charges of the lawsuit is biased, unfair and discriminatory
treatment of this Ombudsman by certain Gallaudet-educated CISS
officials and USADSF for the position of the Chairman of the
Organizing Committee of the 2007 Deaflympic Winter Games.

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DeafHope Position Announcement

Job Title: Domestic and Sexual Violence Advocate
Hours: Full time

Duties include providing information and support to Deaf survivors of
domestic violence and sexual assault, facilitating weekly support
group, accompanying survivors to legal hearings.

Fluent in American Sign Language and Deaf Culture
California Domestic Violence Advocate Certification
Strong knowledge of domestic violence, current California domestic
law and court proceedings, including Family, Criminal and Juvenile Court

To apply mail or fax cover letter and resume to:

Julie Rems-Smario, Executive Director
22418 Mission Blvd
Hayward, CA 94541
Fax 510.733.3103
[email protected]

No phone calls please.


Deaf-Blind Camp - June 10- June 12 This year¹s Deaf-Blind session is
for adults 18 years and older with developmental disabilities in
addition to their dual sensory loss. Regular Deaf-Blind campers are
also welcome. The camp will be held at the Enchanted Hills Camp in
Napa. Volunteers are needed. Please contact Sook Hee Choi for more
information. TTY: (415) 431-4572 or [email protected].

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The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center is a community based
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The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center provides services for disabled
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proper food, shelter, and essential medical care every day due to a
variety of factors including low wages, job loss, injuries, illness,
age, domestic violence, or divorce. While all of us are susceptible to
hard times, disabled individuals are at the most risk. With the
generous support of people like you, we are able to help many of these
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