Tuesday, April 18, 2006

OCDAC Newsletter April 18, 2006

Dear Friends,

Recently, there has been numerous attacks on deaf leaders either via
email, newsgroups, blogs, postings, and websites. These people who
attack deaf leaders are just the very reasons that justify the
society's need for agencies like ours as we have the means to connect
deaf people with personal challenges to the right kind of help they
need to be able to lead a safe, healthy, and productive living as
everyone else.

The poll we started last week is producing very interesting results.
A good part of the respondents states they have no idea what's going
on in the deaf community. This reinforces the need for deaf awareness
programs and events.

We have a service animal awareness and fundraising booth at the Pet
Expo event in the Orange County Fairgrounds this coming weekend April
21-23. Our booth will be in the same place as last year. For more
information about the Pet Expo go to our website and click on the
events section.

Don't forget DeafNation Expo is coming up on the 29th of April!
DeafNation Expo is a gathering of deaf and their friends, relatives,
associates, related trades and businesses, organizations. There
will be a lot of chatting, booths, and entertainment. The DeafNation
Expo flyer is at
Http://www.deafadvocacy.org/events/DNEXPO2006Flyer_Pomona.pdf and it
is FREE ADMISSION event and if you're in the Southland, you would
enjoy a day with us at this event. Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center
will have an educational booth with lots of freebies there.

Our new ASL classes start in May. Our class fees are much much cheaper
than what is being publicized in the Deaf California News mailing
list. Please take a look at our ASL Class flyer and tell your
friends, associates, and relatives about it.

Macy's Community Shopping Day 2006, an in-store shopping event and
fundraiser for charities in the Orange County community, will be held
on May 12, 2006 at Macy's South Coast Plaza. The money will be used
for operating expenses and the fees for our Orange County fair
fundraiser stand which is expected to be around $900 plus the cost of
insurance. We need to sell 8 more tickets to qualify for the share of
the Macy's fundraiser pot.

Finally, the editor is due for a short vacation and the newsletter
will return on May 1, 2006.

OCDAC Communications
[email protected]

-------------< INSIDE NEWS >

With our subscribership from the international communities increasing
at a steady pace, we wish to make this newsletter accessible to them
and the easiest way to accomplish this is by directing them to
http://www.babelfish.altavista.com/ and entering
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ocdacnewsletter/ in the website
translation box and the babelfish will help our international
subscribers become strong advocates for the deaf and disability

The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center is having it's first annual
walk-a-thon on May 20th 2006 at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley,
California. To find out more or to sponsor one of our walkers go to
http://ocdac.choose-a-thon.com/ To walk in the event go to
or email [email protected] with your full name and email address.
We are putting together a fantastic golf tournament at a golf course
near our office and the date would be for this fantastic event is
Friday September 22, 2006 and we will have a fantastic game, food, and
prizes for all players.

We have began on our giant Orange County Fair educational booth
planning for this upcoming summer. This year's theme is 'Flower Power'
and its a retro theme. We have submitted the application for our
fundraiser booth. Your prayers are needed to help the fair management
be considerate and allow us conduct fundraising as they know that the
good results will be put into good use to advance positive
relationships between the deaf and the hearing communities.

This weekly newsletter will soon be available in print form to be
mailed out each week. The price is going to be $90 per year for the
print version and the price is highly reasonable due to it's very rich
deaf and disability advocacy content and very little advertising. This
still beats out the other deaf print news. They will also be available
in other alternative formats like floppies, braille, and in large
print for people with vision impairments.

We have a Campbell's product label collection campaign to help us
raise the means to get supplies for our office Start saving your
campbells product labels today and mail them to us on the first week
of each month. We have aproximately 1050 subscribers and if each one
of them accumulates and sends us 900-1000 labels a month, we'd be able
to get lots of new equipment for our office and internal and external
education programs! Lets get those labels coming, the program ends in
June. Our big thanks to those who sent in their labels.

Drastic Social Security rule changes for Title II Old Age, Survivors,
and Disability Insurance and SSI programs renews our calls for
self-reliance ideas for organizations who serve the deaf and disabled
and our very own idea, our California Disability Gaming Initiative
idea and that can be found at
http://www.deafadvocacy.org/community/cdgicinfo.pdf is an idea that
works for Native Americans. Why shouldn't it work for the Disability
communities? The proposed Social Security rules will limit appeals
and create a new process that is less about truth-seeking and more
hostile to applicants.

-------------< ANNOUNCEMENT >

Take a look at our new magazine fundraiser and this is one of the ways
you can help us do the good work for the deaf and disabled communities.

The URL is http://www.magfundraising.com/GroupPage.aspx?e=788159

-------------< OUTSIDE NEWS PART 1/3 >

Call for the deaf

St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf has firm grounding in Catholic tradition

Fury over plan to axe deaf school

Silent language seeks recognition

Film fest highlights wider role for deaf

Own club for the deaf in Sabah

A sign of things to come

Shahid-Kareena : Eyes wide open

Montana group to perform with choir

He wants all to sign up for sign language

See, hear, speak like them

A sign of praise for deaf teacher

Disabled girl wins right to compete



The Orange County American Sign Language Meetup Group -
http://asl.meetup.com/37/ - and the he Orange County Deaf & Hearing
Impaired Meetup Group http://deaf.meetup.com/38/ meets each 3rd
Fridays of the month.

Come to our meetup on Friday April 21, 2006.

The Orange County American Sign Language & Orange County Deaf &
Hearing Impaired Meetup.

Friday, April 21, 7:00 PM

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
17595 Harvard Ave #B
Irvine, CA
(949) 660-1332

Meet the 2 meetups!

Beginning May a $2.00 donation suggested per person to help us cover
the costs of the meetup membership program. If you give us a $5.00
donation instead, we'll give you an "I Love You" Handsign Stamp
commemorative pin!

We have been considering using our office, especially the classroom,
for our meetups and we have the means to offer snacks for a small
donation to the people that come to the meetups hosted by our office.
The food table will have cold drinks, danish pastry, popcorn, veggies
and dip, chips and dip, flavored coffees, and hot chocolate.



Come learn ASL while playing bingo!


May 27, 2006
4pm to 7pm
$1 per card per game – 7 cards for $5
Great Prizes! Players must be at least 18 years of age.


For more info contact [email protected]


Our next SSP training class is on May 6, 2006 from 12 noon to 5 pm.

This is for people interested in working with the Deaf-Blind. The
class will take place in our classroom at 2960 Main Street A102 ,
Irvine, CA 92614

There is a fee of $20 for this 5 hour workshop as we have to pay for
the room use and printing of the handbook and other materials.

This class is required to work with our Deaf-Blind clients. Please
contact me with any questions.

Beth Koenig
[email protected]
(714) 414-7982



We are having two 2 hour FREE educational seminars to our community

Disaster preparedness
May 27, 2006, 10 am – 12 Noon and 1pm – 3pm

Getting the most from your Sidekick
June 24, 2006, 10 am – 12 Noon and 1pm – 3pm

Healthy Hands and Eyes workshop
August 26, 2006, 10 am – 12 Noon and 1pm – 3pm

Dealing with creditors
September 30, 2006, 10 am – 12 Noon and 1pm – 3pm

Deaf motorist safety
October 28, 2006, 10 am – 12 Noon and 1pm – 3pm

Deaf employment rights
November 25, 2006, 10 am – 12 Noon and 1pm – 3pm

Safety at home
December 30, 2006, 10 am – 12 Noon and 1pm – 3pm

Classes take place at the OCDAC classroom. RSVP is required and 8
students maximum per class. Reply back with reservation choices. And
the seminars are always FREE.


Because of work schedules, some members of our local Deaf and hard of
hearing are unable to join most of regular functions. So, a few have
planned an additional monthly social gathering. This added social
will be on the third Sunday of each month in the food court area of
the PD mall from 6:30 - 9 pm. These gatherings will be in addition to
the third Wednesdays at the mall.


-------------< ANNOUNCEMENT >

Even though most of us working on computers only work on one, the
average American depends on more than 264 computers per day—from the
tiniest microprocessor to the largest mainframe! That is a lot of
people depending on a lot of computers! Think of how much money could
go to the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center if 264 supporters bought
one computer each at www.iGive.com/ocdac, where up to 26% of every
purchase is donated to the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center! At
www.iGive.com/ocdac, membership is free! So hurry up and visit the
Mall at www.iGive.com/ocdac, where you can shop at 600+ stores for all
your favorite electronics and computers from Dell, HP Shopping, Buy,
Computers4SURE, The Apple Store, SONY, and Gateway!

-------------< DEAF GRAPEVINE >

The Gallaudet University President hunt has been narrowed down to 3

1) Jane K. Fernandes - Provost, Gallaudet University

2) Ron Stern - Superintendent, New Mexico School for the Deaf

3) Steve Weiner - Associate Professor, Communication Studies,
Gallaudet University

Editor's Commentary:

The hunt for the next Gallaudet University president has taken the
next step and they've narrowed down to 3 finalists. We have strong
concerns with Ron Stern being chosen as he will likely resurrect the
powers of the Kappa Gamma Fraternity at Gallaudet. No wonder he has a
cuddly and beer stein smashing relationship with the students. Take a
look at the New Mexico School for the Deaf faculty's resumes. Under
Stern's leadership, New Mexico School for the Deaf has become some
sort of a Kappa Gamma fortress. Kappa Gamma Fraternity is pretty
famous for their spooky approaches to certain situations and we can
not afford that kind of zeal in the leadership ranks of Gallaudet
University. Jane Fernandes appears to be the one with the highest
qualifications however she has a strong paternalist approach and that
usually sits well with the big funders these days. We are strong
believers of independence and Jane's paternalist approach would be of
some concern. Jane could easily entertain the funders and help keep
the school alive. Steve Weiner's background and leadership style could
could cause the school to make a lot of interesting news later on.

-------------< BULLETIN >


I'd like to announce about our two DeafNation Expo events in
Greensboro, NC and Austin, TX.

Greensboro, NC April 1, 2006 2,600+ people

Quote from Kevin Earp, Sprint Account Manager

You did it again!! Deaf Nation came to NC and the Deaf Nation did a
Fine job of setting up the show and promoting all of their venders.
Sprint had a wonderful turnout at our booth, and we were packed with
many consumers who were interested in our Blackberry Special! We also
had an opportunity to share with people our Sprint IP via AIM,
SprintIP.com as well as CapTel services and our stable and trusty
Traditional Relay Services. It was an opportunity for Sprint to give
back to the community and share our products with them. I would like
to thank Deaf Nation for their continuing support and we, North
Carolina Citizens, look forward to having Deaf Nation to come back again!

Austin, TX April 8, 2006 2,800+ people

Deaf Nation Expo was an outstanding opportunity to meet those in our
local and statewide community to provide information and overviews of
our programs and services. Over 70 individuals visited us, watched
videotapes about domestic violence, signed up for our Newsletters and
Events, and took some of our literature. Thank you for this great
chance to spend time with our peers and consumers!

Mary E Wambach, Executive Director, DAWCAS (Deaf Abused Women Children
Advocacy Services)

"DeafNation Expo, what a profound impact this expo has on the all that
participate. It is a wonderful opportunity for the signing community
to come together. Sure wish this deeply moving gathering was available
more often in the world." Lila Lolling, Deaf Yoga

We are on our way to St. Louis DeafNation Expo next week. We are
already sold out with booths at St Louis, Pomona and Atlanta. We do
have a few slots available in the Fall Expo events. Grab it before
they're sold out again.

Thank you.

Joel Barish
DeafNation, Inc.
FAX: 301.682.7529

-------------< ANNOUNCEMENT >

Please visit our bookstore that has related books and different kinds
of assistive living devices at http://store.deafadvocacy.org

-------------< OUTSIDE NEWS PART 2/3 >

Trek for work led to tragedy

Some crash victims hearing impaired

Be sensitive to the disabled, High Court tells school

Web site-design rally for disabled makes local debut

3 Charged With Smoking Pot In Van With Mentally Disabled

Improve Your Hearing With Vision

Helping children hear

Give disabled workers every reason to remain part of your work force

Eritrea : Workshop to Encourage Inclusive Education

Hearing-impaired pilot lands in Muscat

Taking "dis" out of disabled

Training for disabled vital for society

Somalia: Rare Opportunity for Hearing-Impaired Children As School Opens

-------------< ADVOCACY NEWS >

Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization Act (HIMMA), is another
dangerous piece of legislation.
Why is HIMMA bad for people with disabilities?

1) It would undermine state insurance rating laws that currently
prohibit insurers from discriminating against people based on
disability, health status, age, gender and other criteria that help
control health care costs for many Americans.

2) It would override state laws mandating that certain benefits be
contained in private health insurance plans offered in that state. For
example, if a state has a law requiring parity between mental and
physical health care coverage, HIMMA would override the state law and
insurance companies would no longer be required to offer equal mental
health coverage.

3) HIMMA would impede access to health care providers vital to people
with disabilities that state legislatures have deemed necessary in
their respective states.

-------------< DEAF QUOTES >

"You have to really focus and concentrate. It's like you're alone out
there and you have to think about how you're going to do your best"
Kelso High golfer Dehne' O'Connor

-------------< ANNOUNCEMENT >

Do you shop at Albertsons or Sav-on stores? You can get a free
community partners card at those stores and then add it to our list of
supporters. A percent of what you buy will go to helping our Deaf
youth program. If you already have a school or other program that you
are supporting, don't worry, you can add your card to support our
program too! There are two ways to add your card. You can email your
First and Last name with your phone number and community partners card
number to [email protected] or you can download and print our
Albertsons / Sav-on Community Partners signup forms at
http://www.deafadvocacy.org/community/AlbertsonsSignup.pdf and have
your friends, neighbors, associates, and relatives sign up as
supporters and then mail the form to the address on the form. To reach
our funding goal we need 25,000 supporters who shop at Albertsons /
Sav-on. And remember to use your community partners card when you shop
at Albertsons or Sav-on.

-------------< COMMUNITY BULLHORN >


From: www.deafsportlawsuit.com

( Note: to translate this material in your language, visit
www.babelfish.altavista.com )

I.C.S.D. or C.I.S.S.?











New York, USA - Read the following announcement posted on
www.deaflympics.com on April 6, 2006:


Some confusion has resulted from the use of ICSD (International
Committee of Sports for the Deaf) to identify our organization. What
happened to DEAFLYMPICS?
At the Melbourne Congress in January 2005, many changes were passed in
our Constitution to change the name of our organization from CISS
(Comité International des Sports des Sourds) to DEAFLYMPICS, pending
approval of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Then, in the summer of 2005, the IOC reminded us that their permission
to use "Deaflympics" only applied as a substitute for "World Games for
the Deaf" and that we could not use it in any other way. We were
unable to persuade them to change this so we had to change our name
back to CISS.

However, since our organization is incorporated with a home office in
the United States (USA), our name must be in English, so we now use
the English translation of CISS. This is similar to the case of the
IOC which is also known as the CIO. Our legal name is now
International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) in English and
also Comité International des Sports des Sourds (CISS) in French.
We hope that this explanation removes all confusion. Nothing has
changed except that our name has gone back to ICSD/CISS. We hope that
at some future date, the IOC/CIO will be more flexible in allowing us
greater use of the term "Deaflympics".

Jerald M. Jordan
Legal Commission

The above announcement apparently appeared following this Ombudsman's
latest March 27, 2006 Press Release, in which the issue of an acronym
change for the International Committee of Sports for Deaf such as
ICSD was raised and questioned

Mr. Jordan's announcement is perceived as his another sophisticated
and masterful act to cover up his new wrongdoing or new rule
violation/s inside the still-messy and disorganized structure of the
International Committee of Sports for the Deaf.

There are four different statements made by Mr. Jordan, which this
Ombudsman views as questionable, inaccurate and untruthful ones.

First, Mr..Jordan states that "at the Melbourne Congress in January
2005, many changes were passed in our Constitution to change the name
of our organization from CISS ( Comite International des Sports des
Sourds ) to DEAFLYMPICS, pending approval of the International Olympic
Committee ( IOC )."
Ombudsman's rebuttal and questions:

See a historic photo (in the photo album) taken at the floor of the
last, 39th CISS Congress, in which a smiling Mr. Jordan, standing up
along with his cronies Ms. Ammons and Mr. Sondergaard and holding up a
wrapped CISS flag, managed to arrange a propaganda showcase - "a
funeral" session for the acronym of CISS. That is, the CISS and its
green-blue-yellow flag have now become obsolete and that the "CISS
flag is being taken to the Museum" ( source: Minutes Report of the
39th CISS Congress ). Argumentatively, if this name change -
DEAFLYMPICS - was "pending approval of the International Olympic
Committee ( IOC )," as Mr. Jordan stated, then why and for what
purpose did Mr. Jordan himself hurriedly arrange and participate in
"a funeral" of the name of CISS and its flag at the very floor
premises of the 39th CISS Congress in Melbourne on January 4, 2005?
Because the IOC had not yet approved or disapproved the name change -
Deaflympics, was it wise, necessary and obligatory for Mr. Jordan to
organize the most obnoxious event in organization's 82 year-old
history - the "funeral" of the CISS and its flag on January 4, 2005,
was not it?

Second, Mr. Jordan makes another statement such as, "however, since
our organization is incorporated with a home office in the United
States ( USA ), our name must be in English, so now we use the English
translation of CISS."

Ombudsman's rebuttal and questions:

How and under whose orders could the relocation of the organization
to the USA be officially and properly done if this organization
established its home office in this country in 2001 illegally, that
is, in violation of its own CISS Constitution rules 7. 2, 9.2.7 and ( previously known as CISS Constitution rules 8.2, 10.2.7
and )? The fact remains that Mr. Jordan as the Chair of the
Legal Commission allowed to set up the CISS Home Office in the USA
without advance knowledge, consent and approval of the CISS Congress,
which is the supreme governing body of the organization. Mr. Jordan
also ignored the fact that by 2001 the USADSF did not ( and still
has not ) meet its financial debts before the CISS Treasury in full.
In addition, Mr. Jordan evaded to explain whether the USA Trademark
and Patent Office requires the organization to have its
organization's acronym - such as ICSD - in English. Could Mr. Jordan
post up in a website a scanned document from the USA Trademark and
Patent Office by supporting his claim that an English acronym is
required for the organization, etcetera? In any case, this Ombudsman's
steadfast position has been that before officially
incorporating organizaton's new home office in the USA, first and
foremost the USADSF must fully comply with all CISS Constitution
rules, then the CISS Congress delegates must debate and vote on
whether to accept the USA as a new home for its organization's office.

Third, Mr. Jordan goes further by stating that "our legal name is now
International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD ) and also
Comite International des Sports des Sourds ( CISS ) in French."

Ombudsman's rebuttal and questions:

There is no problem with the three wording items - International
Committee of Sports for the Deaf, Comite International des Sports des
Sourds and CISS since all these three names knowingly received
attention, blessings and approvals of the delegates at various CISS
Congresses before. However, the newest wording item in question is
ICSD. Who did give Mr. Jordan the right to use an acronym such as
ICSD? Did the delegates of the last CISS Congress in 2005 ever
propose, debate and vote on such an acronym - ICSD, did not they?

Fourth, Mr. Jordan concludes that "nothing has changed except that our
name has gone back to ICSD/CISS."

Ombudsman's rebuttal and question:

Now note the three differing and confusing versions.
1) On its March 11, 2006 USADSF e-Newsletter release in www.usadsf.org
there is a headline APPLY FOR 2007 US CURLING TEAM, which refers the
statement such as "per regulation of the International Committee of
Sports for the Deaf ( ICSD, formerly CISS )" ( note the three words
"ICSD, formerly CISS" );

2) On March 26, 2006, this Ombudsman attended the celebratory luncheon
in honor of the 100 year anniversary of the Gallaudet University
Alumni Association New York Metropolitan Chapter, in which he met and
conversed with one high-ranking Gallaudet University official who has
close links to Mr. Jordan and Ms. Ammons. That official, in the
presence of many luncheon attendees, informed this Ombudsman that
the acronym of CISS is no longer in use and that, instead, the
organization is now officially and briefly called as ICSD;

3) Now, Mr. Jordan brings up in his announcement the other and new
acronym - a joint one - ICSD/CISS.
Who did present the right version: the USADSF website or Gallaudet
official or Mr. Jordan?

Again, Mr. Jordan chose not to explain in his announcement as to who
did give him the right to use the new joint acronym - ICSD/CISS - and
why such an acronym is being now used in spite of the fact that this
was not proposed, debated and voted at the last Congress in 2005 yet?
Introduction of a new acronym - ICSD/CISS - into light is another
violation of the CISS Constitution rules because the issue of this new
acronym was never brought up in front of the Congress for debate and
approval yet! Moreover, since Mr. Jordan, a slow learner in the
international sports administration matters, was the one who publicly
"buried" the CISS acronym and flag on January 4, 2005, it was again
him who, strangely and amazingly, resurrected or brought back into
existence the wording such as "CISS" recently!

Although Mr. Jordan's statements were vaguely-worded and unspecific,
it is this Ombudsman's opinion that Mr. Jordan, a sly manipulator and
skillful Gestuno orator in the CISS politics, failed, on the whole, to
clarify the still ongoing and highly-questionable status of an ICSD

The April 6, 2006 announcement by Mr. Jordan is clearly viewed as his
another new tactic of deception in most recent times.

Several months ago, for example, Mr. Jordan adamantly denied his role
in the 2005 CISS Congress election procedure, in which over 270 votes
were missing or went unused.

For details, visit

Because of Mr. Jordan's inept, unintelligent, imprudent and not
prophetic handling of the issue of organization's name change, our
world - deaf and non-deaf - is still in a state of confusion or
misunderstanding, that is, many people and organizations do still use
the four different names - CISS, ICSD, ICSD/CISS and Deaflympics - in
identifying one and same organization called International Committee
of Sports for the Deaf.

P.S. It is this Ombudsman's sincerest hope that National Deaf Sports
Associations - Nation Members of the CISS, including Liga Portuguesa
de Desporto para Surdos ( LPDS ), after reading this relevant Press
Release, will bring up a proposal motion about the appropriate and
official acronym use of the organization to the floor of the coming
40th CISS Congress in 2007.

-------------< OUTSIDE NEWS PART 3/3 >

For deaf Kelso junior, life's a quiet drive

Deaf people´s place of fun

Highland Crest offers services for the deaf

Disabled man laid off without notice

Disabled People Get Strategic Push

New club focuses on sign language

BNP propopes 'British Sign Language' lessons

Speech therapist using sign to help kids learn to speak

Library offers poetry, infant sign language programs

Parliament to hear sign language bill

BE Hosts Closed-Caption, 4 Channel HD Radio [Stand No N1808]

New voting machines focus of Rotary meeting


Begin your journey toward self-sufficiency by becoming a Discovery
Toys consultant! Discovery Toys focuses on learning through play,
with products specifically designed to maximize learning moments, has
proven to be a success as the company has now witnessed an entire
generation grow up with Discovery Toys. Many parents and their adult
children credit DISCOVERY TOYS® products with helping them to develop
core skills and self-esteem, which contributed to their later life
accomplishments and success as adults. Beth Koenig is your Discovery
Toys consultant. Her Discovery Toys website is at
Http://www.discoverthetoys.net and this is a great business
opportunity for people disabilities. Discovery Toys is one of our
supported activities through our Community Business Enterprise Program.

-------------< LETTERS >

I dont like to see anyone who's troublemaker or using someone's name
to make that person look bad while it's not true. Oh my! What kind
of person is that? Sicko! Mentally sick! That person must be
jealous of u for some reasons and is not happy with that person's
life. That person really needs to be taught what is the difference
between sicko (mentally sick) and christ-like person. Oh my! That
person sure knew how to make u look bad. I really never like that
kind of person. Yes I understand that that person really needs to be
taught about what the difference between sicko & christ-like person.
Oh my! I was in a shock. That person sure knew how to make me
believe that person's news or story! Snap that person for being bad
to make me believe that person's news or story! Glad that it's not
true that u were never that bad like that. :-) Oh that person! Snap
that person!

That person needs to be told that that person was doing very horrible
to make u look bad. I really like to meet that person and I would
love to be the one who teaches that person the difference between
mentally sick & christ-like person. Oh my!

It's very sad to see that that person used ur name to make u look
bad. Oh no! Sorry to see that there's one of so many mentally sick
ppl here. Yes I've seen sooooo many mentally sick ppl. When I see
that they were mentally sick, I usually tell them the difference
between mentally sick & christ-like ppl. Ah. :-) Sorry about bad
news that that person is mentally sick for using ur name to make u
look bad. Oh my!

Rayline Dean

-------------< EPILOG >

If you wish to contribute to this newsletter, feel free to send in
news, stories, and opinions relating to the disability community. Your
support in this effort to move the disability community forward will
be greatly appreciated. We will continue to aggressively pursue
justice, fairness, and equality for the disability community as it has
been doing since November 1996. We have chosen
that EDUCATION is the best way to accomplish this objective.

The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center is a community based
organization that puts people with disabilities first in their
advocacy for equal opportunities in safety, health, and productive living.

The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center provides services for disabled
individuals and their families in our community who need help in
navigating the social services maze. Every day people go without
proper food, shelter, and essential medical care every day due to a
variety of factors including low wages, job loss, injuries, illness,
age, domestic violence, or divorce. While all of us are susceptible to
hard times, disabled individuals are at the most risk. With the
generous support of people like you, we are able to help many of these
families and individuals not only to meet essential daily needs, but
to work toward a brighter future with programs in job training,
education, counseling, elderly assistance, and temporary housing.

Feel free to forward this email message to anyone and any of your
personal mailing lists so we can get the important messages out far
and wide and encourage them to sign up for our weekly newsletter.

DISCLAIMER: The OCDAC Newsletter is designed to share information of
interest to people with disabilities, their friends, associates, and
relatives and promote advocacy in the disability community.
Information circulated does not necessarily express the views of The
Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center. The OCDAC Newsletter is
non-partisan. OCDAC Newsletter does not sell advertising space.
To subscribe to this newsletter go to
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ocdacnewsletter/ or send a blank email
to [email protected]

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