Saturday, May 14, 2005



Given this letter overdue from our original plans to make this
a 'weekly' letter. We had to delay a bit because of the recent

1) I have become the News Administrator at website.

2) Our agency had to handle some staffing changes. One of our trusty
volunteers decided to quit due to personal reasons and it has been a
task shuffling responsibilities around to fill the void.

Now for the 'news' !

1) We have begun the big website makeover. You will see changes on our
key pages as well as our resource pages.

2) A number of our educational brochures are now available in Spanish,
Japanese, and Russian for the great diverse populations of the Southern
California areas.

3) Our OC Fair booth has been approved this year. We are getting a 20'
wide by 10' booth which is twice as big as it has been since our debut
in the year 2000. We will have a very inclusive educational program in
it's place.

4) We have added a classroom to our agency. Room 102 is our classroom
for teaching ASL, ADA, Literacy, and to be used as a safe, quiet, place
for our Youth Empowerment Program clients.

5) We have become a regional resource center of people with hearing and
vision impairments.

6) We have added a new online fundraiser program to supplement our
revenue. Http://

Next week we will have more news for you.

Always at your service!

Richard Roehm

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